November 1, 2011

1Q84 Cover Art

We're supposed to get snow tomorrow. A part of me is dreading this change of seasons, but another part is hopeful that we get snowed in. I'd love to curl up with my current book. This is one I can't put down! Thankfully, I downloaded the chunkster to my iPad.


  1. I'm in class right now, so I can't watch the vid, but I LOVE CHIP KIDD!!! I am counting down until I can return to my office and watch this little booger.

  2. A snowstorm is a great excuse to curl up all day and read... so here's hoping you get the snow, and then it totally melts by the next morning.

    Intriguing video. I'll have to take a look at the physical book next time I'm in B&N. Still haven't read Murakami, but I do have After Dark on my shelf. The excitement over 1Q84 makes me want to pick it up next.

  3. I totally get what you're saying. I'm ready for life to slow down!

  4. I love snowstorms too but not until mid December!!! LOL!!

  5. So mad that I can't view whatever it is on the link you have for us...but, I'm join you in wishing for snow! and time to read it! Loving 1Q84 along with you, although some of the violence is rather shocking to me. I guess I've spent too long in the elementary classroom. Nevertheless, what a book. What an author. What a myriad of stories he is able to weave...

  6. Andi - Hope you were able to watch the video. I guess I've been living under a rock. I had no idea who Chip Kidd is, but I just discovered he did the design for The Little Friend (Donna Tartt), as well. No wonder the covers have a similar look!

    JoAnn - We got snow today, so I curled up with The Little Friend rather than 1Q84. Should've gone with the latter. I finally ditched Tartt's novel. Blah.

    Yes, the excitement over 1Q84 has been quite contagious. Hope you can get a copy. I'm enjoying it, so far!

    Kathy - We had a small snowstorm today and I feel like I slowed down for the first time in months. Curled up with my book and took a little nap! I guess I shouldn't complain about winter. ;)

    Staci - I hear ya! We had our first today, but it's supposed to bounce back up to the 50s by the weekend.

    Bellezza - I wonder why you can't view the video. Would you like me to email you the link?

    Ah, we got snow today, but it's pretty much gone by now. It was pretty when it was coming down, but it was COLD!. I'm just not ready for this winter. I want to keep riding my bike. :(

    Hmm, I've only hit one violent passage so far, and it wasn't too terrible. Thanks for the warning, though! Good to be prepared.


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