November 7, 2011


Did you hear the news today? Barnes & Noble has dropped its prices on its e-readers. Not only that, but a new Nook Tablet is about to hit the shelves! Take a look:

Nook Color

NOOK Simple Touch

NOOK Tablet

Go here for more details and read ad-free!

Brought to you by your favorite Barnes & Noble bookseller. ;)


  1. they are certainly going to duke it out with Kindle!

  2. Staci -

    No ads on NOOK!
    2.5 million books, magazines and newspapers from B&N.
    Netflix & Hulu on the Tablet (and soon on the Color)
    Free in-store support from great booksellers.

    Just sayin' ;)

  3. I just bought my simple touch nook for the very unsimple price of 149.00 this summer. I love it, but the price drop pisses me off to be honest. I'm half afraid to buy anything for the simple fact that it will either be obsolete or half price in two months. For the rest of the world, who is either a.) richer or b.) more patient to wait before they lucky! :)

  4. Wait. One more thing. I'm never linking to again on my blog as long as I live (see my post on what they did to my latest Murakami). However, I will link to B&N because their nook support is incredible. When you're not talking to someone from India named "Bob" who keeps repeating your question.

  5. I toootally want the simple touch!


  6. Bellezza - Believe me, I understand!! But, just so you know, the Simple Touch is now $99, but it does not come with the AC adapter (wall charger). You can charge it from your computer via the USB cable, but if you want the wall charger you have to buy it separately for $10. So, the discounted price is really only a difference of $40.

    As far as Amazon goes, I'm going to stop my Associate affiliation after the first of the year. It's a pain and I don't make enough money to make it worthwhile. I did it in the early years of blogging, but my readership has dropped off remarkably, and, quite honestly, I really don't care anymore. I'd rather support my employer... :)I'm glad you're happy with the Nook support! We aim to please. Seriously, that's our goal. To make our Nook users happy. And we try desperately to help in the store and not have to send the users to "Bob". :)

    Andi - So does my husband. My husband who owns an iPad and an iPhone. Go figure.

  7. I'm so annoyed! I swear B & N is tracking when I buy a NOOK so they can then release something new and drop the price on the one I bought! I have an older NOOK and a NOOK color and am filled with technolust for the NOOK tablet (also for the iPad.)

  8. Katya - I understand your frustration. This seems to happen all the time, though, with any new electronic device. Wow! You have 2 Nooks? That first generation model is my least favorite to demo. I'll be happy when we run out so I don't have to show anyone how it operates. I'm all for a full touch-screen model!

  9. Two Nooks -- and I want the tablet and, for taking to the beach (and also because it's small and cute), I want the simple Touch too. I'm hopeless.

  10. Katya - Hope all your dreams come true! :)


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