December 20, 2011

Reposting - Fruit Cake Weather

This is a super busy time of year for me and not only have I not had time to blog, I haven't had time to bake! Maybe I can get a batch of these yummy treats in the oven on Christmas Eve.

The following is an reposting of a post from December 2006.

Well, maybe not fruitcake weather. (Does anybody even eat fruitcake?) Every Christmas (for at least the past 20 years) I make a couple of batches of Shortbread cookies. The recipe is very easy and I can get anywhere between 12-13 dozen cookies from a single batch (ideal for those Christmas Cookie tins/plates I like to give to neighbors and friends).

I originally discovered these delicious little bit-size cookies in 1972. My mom had made several dozen for a holiday open house and my brother and I just happened to find them in the basement freezer. I'm not sure how many we ate on the sly, but they
are quite addictive, especially when chilled. Hmmm, I hope I did a good job hiding my stash this year!


  1. YUM yum yum yum YUM! Love these, and that's an astounding amount of cookies from a batch.

  2. I love shortbread cookies!

  3. Based on an Alton Brown recipe for a fruitcake, we invented a fruitcake cookie recipe. It combines real dried fruit and an oatmeal spice cookie. Really good!

  4. In Swedish households, those cookies are called Sprits. I grew up helping my Swedish grandmother make them, and then my mom. I wasn't going to make any this year, but... I can taste... all that butter....

    They're the best cookie ever!

  5. Holy cookies!! I must make some!

  6. Andi - Definitely yummy! And it's really great that this recipe makes so many. Although, you have to remember that one can easily consume a dozen in less than 5 minutes. :)

    Kathy - Me, too! Probably a good thing I didn't have time to bake any this year.

    Jill - Sounds delicious. Care to email the recipe?

    Linda - I've also heard them called Spritz. Whatever you call 'em, they're delicious, rich and oh, so fattening. Love 'em!!

    Staci - They are easy-peasy!


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