December 3, 2011

Take Your Child...

to a bookstore today!

From their website:

"Bookstores hold a place in the hearts and times of our community. They are places to discover an author, a story, a life. Nothing affords the conversation and interaction among books and book lovers that a bookstore does. In the future, whether you download your story or pluck a volume off a shelf, a bookstore will be able to accommodate. But in order for bookstores to flourish and thrive, we must expose future generations to the unique pleasures they offer. On December 3rd, 2011, take the child in your life to a bookstore. Watch his face light up as you give him free access, not just to a new book, but to tomorrow." —Jenny Milchman

Click here for more information.


  1. The exact same thing could be said about libraries. Even though I have a Nook, I still love my bookstores though. And my libraries -- all places bookish. :)

  2. Katya - Exactly! I love libraries, too. I haven't been to mine in ages, though. I''m trying to read from my own stacks and feel too guilty about checking books out only to return them unread.

  3. There's nothing better than a true story, and here's one:

    A couple of weeks ago I wentto the Toyota dealership to take care of a minor issue. There were about 20 people in the service department waiting room. Two were watching teevee, while the rest were on iPads, iPhones, laptops, etc. One child seemed to have some sort of game device.

    I was reading Annie Dillard in book form. Something tickled me and I laughed aloud. The little girl asked her mother, “Why is she laughing?” Her mom said, “She’s reading a book”. The girl, about five or six, pondered that for a few seconds and then said, “Can I have a book?”

    Teaching doesn't have to be left to the teachers. ;)

  4. Can't wait until Elle is old enough to "get" books and the bookstore and the library!

    This past weekend I was in Target and I always browse the book section while I'm there--you know--just to look. I found myself totally absorbed in the children's section, though, and picked up three books. FOR ME! Funny how that transition works...

  5. Yikes. So late with responses! My apologies.

    Shoreacres - Great story. And thanks for the reminder to pull The Living (Annie Dillard) off my shelf and start reading it! I've only had it for 5 years...

    Trish - That day will be here before you know it!


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