December 31, 2011

Weekly Headers 2012



  1. Love the picture of your Annie-Dog in the snow. She looks very stately but for that trace of snow on her nose! =)

  2. What a fun thing to do! I keep mine in my iPhotos library under blog headers by the year.

    Annie is so, so beautiful.

  3. Megan - Annie is the sweetest dog we've ever known. She tries to act very prim and proper, but she's a kid at heart. :)

    Nan - I have mine in separate folder with ALL my photos, but decided to keep a running display for my readers. I've done the same with my On My Bose widget.

    Isn't Annie-girl just the sweetest, most beautiful "pup" you've ever seen? Oh, how we love this dog...

  4. I just love your headers, Les! Great shots!

  5. Andi - Thanks so much! I love this new template and the ease of swapping out headers and sidebar images. Definitely makes for a happy blogger!


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