February 14, 2012

True Love

A Poime for Lesley

Is it too much to ask of life
That we run our race with one true friend?
That when we sleep we slumber deep,
And then our fences kindly mend?

That hearth and home be bright and warm,
A lovely, lively place?
And can we find some peace of mind,
A partnership of grace?

Should not our souls be free to fly?
And when we strive we do beseech
The stars agleam - so bright, they seem! -
Could our grasp this once exceed our reach?

It must be so! What else explains
The love I've found, this joyful song to sing?
You brought a light to deepest night
And made a fool a king.

Perhaps it is that Poe was wrong,
That what he said was false and sad;
It seems there is some trace of it,
Some bit of balm in Gilead.

Recollect emotion in tranquility
Is what Wordsworth said to do;
And thus I came (however lame)
To make this poime for you.

Rod Scher


  1. Awww.. So sweet.

  2. A standing ovation for Rod! Very well done indeed!

  3. aw, so romantic. He's a keeper, Les :)

  4. That is so romantic! What a sweet gift!

  5. Delightful!! And my mother pronounced it 'poime.' :<)

  6. How truly touching and sweet... But then that is Rod through and through.

    Linda in VA

  7. Thanks, everyone. He's definitely a keeper. I'm very blessed.

  8. Wow! I loved it and how wonderful that he wrote this just for you!

  9. How sweet! He's a man of many talents!


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