February 6, 2012

Winter Wonderland - Part I

February 1st. Early morning. Looking west from my kitchen.

February 4th. Early morning. Looking north from the dining room. (And, no. Our phone lines are not usually that low!)

Neighbors helping neighbors.

Heavy, wet snow.

Pretty, but...


We lost power sometime during the night and it was out until 10:30 that morning. I made a run to Scooter's for coffee and after breakfast we headed to the living room to curl up with our books. This is where we spent the day. My computer was off the entire day!

Temperature on Monday, January 30th: 69 degrees

Temperature on Saturday, February 4th: 33 degrees

Total snowfall: 14 inches in 24 hours


  1. WOW! That's a lot of snow REALLY fast. Sorry that y'all had to deal with outages and whatnot, but I'm glad it was a productive reading day. :D

  2. And here I am complaining because it's only 45 degrees today. Stay warm!

  3. Andi - The local news just said we only got 11 inches, but I measured 13 in the park and someone else said 14. Whatever it is, it was enough!

    Kathy - It was 7 this morning, but warmed up to just about freezing by mid-day. More snow on the way tonight. Guess it had to happen. It is February, after all!

  4. Isn't this weather ridiculous? This is the strangest winter we have had in a couple years. We have only had one snowfall like this and it was back in November. A lot of the problem is the fluctuating temperatures. One minute it is cold and then it is mild for a couple days only to drop drastically back into the cold range. (And our cold is not even cold. I needed a new winter jacket, but didn't even bother because I haven't worn one all winter anyway.)

  5. It's absolutely beautiful, and would be the answer to prayers around the country because of the moisture it brings. Yes, power outages range from annoying to dangerous, and there's every sort of inconvenience, but winter's part of the cycle - good to see someone is getting a bit!

  6. Wow, what a storm! No winter weather around here at all. We have never had this little snow (under 40" for the season so far). I'm not complaining...
    Your header photo is stunning. Annie dog looks so cute with snow on her nose!

  7. I don't want that heavy stuff!! But it looks like you spent that day in a great space and no computer isn't such a bad thing!!!

  8. Where were the plows?? That street looks in desperate need of plowing and sanding and salting.

    I love your living room. I love the high windows (do they open?), and the tall bookcases under the one, and the television under the other, and of course, the fireplace. I'd always have a little fire going, efficient or not. :<) Is there a chair next to the coffee table, and the stairs behind that?

    My request - more interior shots on the blog, please!

    I want to know the book titles, please. I recognize As Always, Julia, but what are the others.

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  10. Kelly - We've been pretty fortunate so far this winter, but we sure need the moisture. I really don't mind the snow, but I hate to see how damaging it can be when it's so heavy and wet. Our temps are feeling a lot more like winter this weekend. Negative 1 this morning when we woke up. The windchill was around negative 14. Snow in the forecast again. My upcoming trip to Hawaii can't come soon enough!

    Linda - We had quite a bit of rain prior to the snowstorm, so the combined storms brought a lot of moisture, which we desperately needed. I'm sure we could use more, though. Our summers have been pretty dry and we've been on voluntary water restrictions. Not quite as serious as Texas, though!

    JoAnn - Isn't Annie cute with her snowy nose? She loves to roll around in the drifts and dig her nose down deep, searching for bunnies, I'm sure. ;) Hope you get some wintery weather soon. It'll be spring before we know it!

    Staci - I'm just glad it wasn't more. A foot is tolerable. 2-3 feet would be awful. I'm very thankful for my macho Subaru. Without it, I would have had to drink instant coffee. Blech.

    Nan - The plows were out the following day. I even got a couple of pictures of one as it was clearing one of our neighborhood streets.

    No, the windows on each side of the fireplace don't open. Rod's chair is just out of view in the picture, just opposite of the tv. Yes, the stairs are behind that, along with a "sofa" table with my Bose and two wing back chairs and another table. I'll post another picture from the other side of the room later on.

    The other books are:

    3 photos albums
    Harley-Davidson and Indian Wars by Allan Girdler
    Guitar: Music History Players by Richard Chapman
    A Trail Through Leaves: The Journal as a Path to Place by Hannah Hinchman

    Don't you wish Blogger would let us view photographs the way we used to? I don't care for the "slide show" since you can no longer click on the pictures to enlarge them.


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