March 2, 2012

Life Is Good - February

It's important to recognize and remember the good things in life, so I've decided to make a point of jotting down my weekly monthly blessings.

So what made me smile (or laugh) this past month?

  • Friday night pizza (with Italian sausage & homemade meatballs).
  • My husband walking Annie-Dog when it's -1 with a windchill of -14.
  • Red roses.
  • Memory foam pillow.
  • Compliments from strangers on my photography exhibit in the B&N cafe.
  • Senior citizen discount offer for Southern Living. Ha!
  • 2 books in the mail from a friend.
  • Discovering that Tana French has a new book coming out in July!
  • The sign of spring -- daffodils poking up through the mulch.
  • Sharing the couch to nap with Annie-Dog on a Sunday afternoon.
  • Saturday morning coffee & scones at Cafe Italia with Rod.
  • Billy Crystal and Chris Rock.
  • Packing for a tropical getaway.
  • Outpouring of love on February 17th.


  1. Those are all good...but Tana French has a new book coming out in May !!??!! Yay!

  2. Congratulations on your photography exhibit!!! Thanks for the reminder to be grateful.

  3. I liked this wrap up a lot. (-1) degree and daffodils popping...they must be confused..LOL

  4. Wow -very impressive to have a photo exhibit at the cafe! Have a great vacation.

  5. I see JJ on the sidebar. Maybe you'll run into him! :<)

  6. I'm DYING at your header!! So gorgeous.

    And I'd love to know more about this photography exhibit!!

  7. Your list helps me put so much into perspective!!!

  8. I laughed at that frigid dog-walking - I remember those temperatures, and I know dogs and their requirements.

    My gratitude today? Rain! We've had 4.25 inches since Friday afternoon, and may have another quarter inch before it's finally gone. It's perfect rain, substantial but not so fast and hard it all runs off.

    Can you see half of Texas smiling?

  9. Pam - I know!! I can't wait for it's release. This is one book that won't sit on a shelf unread after its arrival in my house!

    Kathy - Thanks. It was fun to have some of my favorite photos all on display.

    Diane - Ah, the fickleness of Mother Nature. And now it's mid-March and we were in the 80s all last week. Unbelievable for this time of year. What happened to spring??

    JoAnn - Well, I did have a vacation. The jury's still out as to whether it was great or not. ;)

    Nan - Wouldn't that have been fun! I love Jack Johnson. Unfortunately, my husband doesn't share my enthusiasm. But then, he doesn't like George Winston, either. Silly man.

    Trish - Thanks! I think the photo I used for my header when you posted your comment was actually a borrowed picture from a website, as I'd never been to Hawaii until this month. But the current photo is mine.

    The exhibit was really quite informal. Every month, we feature a local artist's work on a large wall in our cafe. Over the past year, I've had over a dozen of my favorite photos framed to hang in my house. We had an open month for the cafe display, so I volunteered to bring in my photos. A friend composed a nice little blurb about me to go along with the pictures and that was that. No "opening night" and no fanfare, which is fine with me. I'm really just a point-and-shoot kind of gal. I have a very nice camera that does all the work, although I really need to read the manual so I can do a little more tweaking on the settings when I want to be creative. Stay tuned. I may blog about the exhibit later this month. First to get caught up on my reviews!

    Staci - It helps me, too!

    Linda - Annie is quite spoiled. She gets three walks a day. If it were up to me, I'd just have her go in the backyard when it gets that cold, but my husband thinks that's unfair. He's probably right. She does love her walks and needs the exercise (as do her owners!).

    Glad to hear you got some rain!! That's quite a bit, too, and I'm happy it wasn't a deluge. As I recall from living in the Fort Worth area, the sky usually just opens up and dumps a torrential amount of rain in a very short period. Now that I look at the date of your comment, I realize I was in Texas during that storm! I was on my way home from Hawaii (where we received 46 inches of rain in one week!!) and spent a few hours at DFW before heading up to Omaha. There was a significant amount of turbulence as we approached Dallas and we wound up having to vector around a line of thunderstorms before landing. Suffice it to say, it was pretty intense for a few minutes. I would have been more anxious if I weren't so exhausted! ;)


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