April 12, 2012

Life Is Good - March

It's important to recognize and remember the good things in life, so I've decided to make a point of jotting down my monthly blessings.

So what made me smile (or laugh) last month?

  • Hitting the trails on my bike. The weather's been phenomenal! 50 miles logged in March.
  • Temps in the 80s. 'Nuf said.
  • A signed copy of The Homecoming of Samuel Lake by Jenny Wingfield (followed by several lovely messages via Facebook).
  • A gorgeous long-stem snapdragon from a favorite customer as a thank you for all my book recommendations.
  • Spring flowers blooming early! (Tulips, Bleeding Hearts, Lilacs, etc.)
  • A week in Hawaii with my parents and biking partner.
  • Breakfast with my beautiful daughter (and boyfriend) at the Grand Hyatt DFW.
  • Downton Abbey.
  • Dental insurance for two crowns (his, not mine).
  • Keurig customer service. Replacement with no hassle.


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful month!

  2. I always love your "life is good" lists. Truly, the little things are the most satisfying.

  3. I love your lists...really it's the simple things in life that count!

  4. Definitely a happy month! Thanks for your recommendation of The Homecoming of Samuel Lake - it's made April a happier month for me. I loved it.

  5. This is a fun thing I look forward to! I have the Anna Q. book on preorder and cannot wait!

  6. It sounds like March was wonderful for you!

  7. Downton Abbey is definitely something to be thankful for. Cool that you put Hawaii on your list, in spite of the weather!!

  8. Are those bleeding hearts in the header? So gorgeous!

    Scott ran off to a movie tonight so I'm home alone (with the babe). I have a few more episodes left in Downton Abbey so think I might watch one tonight. YAY!!! (unfortunately Scott doesn't enjoy).

    And how awesome that you were able to meet your daughter at DFW! We have various work meetings that the Grand Hyatt and their food is delicious!

  9. Kathy - I did! Other than a "bit" of rain in Hawaii, I have no complaints.

    Kay and Staci - I wasn't sure I wanted to keep up with this monthly post, so thank you for your kind words of encouragement. It's fun to reflect on a day or week and see what I can add to my list.

    JoAnn - So happy to hear that The Homecoming of Samuel Lake was a hit. I think a lot of book clubs will choose it once it goes to paperback.

    Nan - Thank you. I'm really excited about Quindlen's new book, too. I love her essays!

    Kelly - I think the warmer temps helped considerably. In years past, March has been a bitterly cold and damp month. Not much fun!

    Nancy - I only wish the seasons were longer in Downton Abbey. I've just started watching Season 2 and I'll be finished long before Season 3 goes to DVD. I'm trying to pace myself!

    Yes, I had to include Hawaii. It wasn't all bad. Just wet! It's a beautiful island with gorgeous scenery, delicious food and very friendly people. I'm not at all sorry I went.

    Trish - Yep, those would be bleeding hearts. The plant was here when we bought the house in 2000 and it's gotten quite large. I don't do a thing to it, other than cut it back after the flowers and stems die back in the summer. I'm hoping to add a couple more in the front yard since they're so hearty and maintenance-free.

    My hubby doesn't care for Downton Abbey, either. Let me rephrase that. It's not that he doesn't like it (he's never watched it), but rather that he doesn't want to get sucked into another series. Silly man. I don't see what the difference is between watching a stand-alone movie on a Friday night or watching one episode of a series. It's still entertainment.

    Yep, it was great to see Amy (and Karl) at DFW. Wish they could've gone to Hawaii with me, but they would've been miserable with all the rain. Yes, the food at the Grand Hyatt is awesome. I had Eggs Benedict that were incredible!

  10. Yes, those Downton Abbey seasons are disappointingly short. I wonder if they'd have stretched time out a bi if they'd realized what a huge hit it was going to be.

    I was just looking at some of my Hawaii photos, yesterday, and now I'm dying to go back!! You said your parents have a time share?

  11. Nancy - Yes, they have a time share, but this was the last year they were going to use it.

  12. Such a wonderful reminder, to count our blessings on a monthly (if not more often) basis! I love that you recorded yours for us here. I join you not in the 80+ temps, but in the beautiful Spring flowers, the chance to be on one's bicycle, and Downton Abbey. A week in Hawaii? I've never been. Bookfool went again to London, and I believe Japan; you're off in Hawaii, I need a vacance! :)

  13. Bellezza - We are no longer in the high temps. :( It's cool (49) and looks like rain. At least I don't have to worry about watering my lawn & garden. :)

    Yes, you need a vacance... with some girlfriends!


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