April 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


  1. The trees look so lovely, but I'm sneezing already:)

  2. Anonymous4:38 AM

    Definite signs of spring in your area. Sadly here, the bluebonnets are fading. Sigh.

  3. All the flowers are beautiful! They're pretty much past their peak here, but we still have plenty of pollen coating everything.

  4. I love this time of year!

  5. Pretty pictures! It doesn't look quite that pretty here yet...

    (On another note, I decided to take up biking and wow, if it is possible, I am a TERRIBLE biker... lol)

  6. Wow, pretty! But, I'm thinking it's a good thing I ditched my plans to travel to Nebraska in April because I feel like sneezing just *looking* at all those blooms!!! What's a good month for people with allergies? I still need to get up there, someday.

  7. Your tree is lovely - but I know how you hate the little red fruit!

  8. Fun to see your tree in the spring. Looking forward to sitting on your porch and enjoying it and the rocking chairs!

  9. I love the trees - crabapples? And the pinkish/yellow flower - is that aquilegia? It is so beautiful. As for pollen, I may have said this before, but there must have been pollen when I was growing up, but I never knew one person who was allergic. It seems to me that allergies are much, much more common than they were.
    I also like the white picket fence down the road a bit. Is it wood? Do they paint it often?
    These pictures made me feel like I could time-travel myself right onto the sidewalk and take a stroll, breathing in the sweet smells of those trees.

  10. Gorgeous springtime pictures!!! Our Crepe Myrtles and Magnolias are about to pop and I can't wait for the next burst of color.

    Curious about the first picture, though... Is that pollen?!

  11. Diane - You and everyone else around here! The pollen was really bad this year.

    Pam - One of my favorite times of year. A fresh start!

    Kay - Well, my daffodils and tulips are finished and the trees are leafing out, but there are other new flowers beginning to bloom. It seems like spring is such a short season, but I think it's even shorter in Texas!

    Kathy - A lot of ours are finished, but my lilac is just beginning to bloom (it's much later than the rest in the area) and my rhoddies are about to burst. Next up, peonies and shrub roses!

    JoAnn - Me, too! Actually, I love all four seasons, but winter could be a few months shorter. This year it felt like it was!

    Kelly - Yay for biking!! Give it time. And make sure the bike fits you. Too little or too big makes a huge difference in your enjoyment.

    Nancy - The pollen is always terrible in March and April. Everything winds up with a yellow layer of the dust and everywhere you go, people are sneezing and complaining about their allergies. I only had a couple of days when it felt like I had grit in my eyes, but I didn't suffer the way some do. I still need to get out and hose down our front porch and get my car washed. It's a bit futile until the trees have all leafed out.

    I'm not sure which month is best for an allergy-free visit. Ragweed gets pretty bad in the summer and autumn is also bad when the leaves start falling. Winter, maybe? ;)

    Mom - Yep! But I tolerate the mess for the pretty blossoms and the shade it provides in the summer.

    June - Hopefully, I'll have the porch washed off by then! Rod did it once already, but it's already covered with another layer of pollen.

    Nan - Yep. Crabapples. Mine drops little red fruit (about the size of a cherry) once a year. Make an awful mess, but it's a pretty tree so I put up with it.

    The pinkish/yellow flower is a columbine. This is the first year it's done so well. Not sure why, but I'm very pleased.

    Yes, the picket fence is wood. Our neighbors repainted it last summer and it was probably at least 6 years since it was last done.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. Wish you could come for a walk and then join me on the porch for a cocktail!

    Trish - Thank you! I love Crepe Mrytle and Magnolias. Take pictures!

    And, yes. That first picture shows the pollen that collected along the edge of our driveway from the trees in our front yard. Lovely, eh? ;) I tried to take pictures of it on the porch and my car, but those didn't turn out quite as well.

  12. Lesley, isn't it the most beautiful Spring ever?! I'm so loving the crisp air here in Illinois (as opposed to the miserable humidity I suffered here in March; 80 degree days can go far away from me...). Trust you to have lily of the valley in your header, and I assume, your yard? We have many, many plants of it, but I could always use more. Such a beautiful bell, such a lovely fragrance.

  13. I could do winter. Except . . . it'll be a road trip. Maybe autumn. Once the cool air hits and the leaves begin to fall, I'm okay.

  14. Bellezza - Yes, we have had such an amazing spring! My gardens have never looked so lovely. Yes, I have quite a bit of lily of the valley in a corner of my yard (near the deck). It's really taken over, but I don't dare remove any of it. I love its sweet fragrance. Almost as much as I love lilacs.

    Nancy - Ah, winter would be a bit risky. :) Fall would be beautiful, though. I love Nebraska in October.


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