April 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


River Birch Tree



Oakleaf Hydangea

Early April. Time to head out again. There are already a lot of changes!


  1. Anonymous6:09 AM

    In a word - beautiful - and I know it will be more colorful soon or already is perhaps.

  2. Wow, we are really not that far into spring... And actually, a freak storm meant snow for some areas and killed anything that was coming up. Sad...

  3. Lovely! Those river birch trees are very intersting!

  4. Seriously gorgeous!

  5. What is the tree above the little statue in first pic? And is the bark a pathway or mulch? I like the little moon and stars in the rhody picture.

  6. Look at those lily of the valley! I miss northern spring flowers so much!

    I saw your note at Bellezza's - the story really doesn't belong in public - at least, not yet. But I'll happily copy you on my email to her! Maybe I'll get that done this weekend - in any event, when I do the telling, I'll be sure you're included!

  7. Kay - The tulips and bleeding heart are finished and now the peonies, rhoddies, salvia, geraniums and roses are in bloom... a month early! I spent several hours pulling weeds yesterday and was not terribly excited about the prospect of another day in the yard. Thankfully, it's cool and damp today, so I'll run errands and putter inside.

    Kelly - Those spring storms can be so damaging! I saw several yards with sheets draped over some plants a week or so ago. We had a few nights that dipped down to 33, but thankfully there was no damage to any of my flowers.

    Kathy - Aren't those odd little things hanging on the branches of the river birch. They're all gone now.

    Staci, Nancy, Andi - Thank you, thank you, thank you! It's a work in progress. Constantly!

    Nan - It's a Star Magnolia. It has gorgeous pink blossoms in the spring. The bark is cypress mulch. The moon and stars remind me of Rachel's tattoo (a sun kissing the moon).

    Linda - The lily of the valley has taken over a huge section of one of my flower beds! The fragrance is lovely.

    Thanks in advance for copying me in Bellezza's email. I hope I wasn't being nosy!

  8. Thanks. I looked it up and I think we are too cold for the star magnolia.

  9. Please share peony pictures with us when you have blooms! I've only recently discovered how gorgeous the flowers are and love them.

  10. Nan - What a shame!

    Trish - My white peonies got pounded in a heavy rain the other day. I have a new bush with with some buds, so hopefully I can get a shot of them once they bloom. They're a bit slower than the others. Probably because it's a new bush.


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