May 9, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Bird in Flight
Kauai, 2012


  1. Clever, and beautiful, your bird did its own "texture>"

  2. Wow, what kind of bird was it?

  3. Oooo I LOVE! What a great shot! I can "see" the bird, even though I can't. What kind of bird was it?

  4. Lovely reflection--the glowing yellow orange is my favorite.

  5. That is an amazing it!

  6. Wonderful picture!!

  7. Well, that is so cool!

  8. Wowza! That's a lovely shot.

  9. Yogi - My first thought was, "Darn! I missed my shot." But when I looked at the photos later, after returning home from Hawaii, I decided I liked it after all. Thanks for stopping by!

    Kathy - It's one of those cardinals from Hawaii. You can see it here.

    Heather - Isn't it interesting how you can see the path of flight? I was amazed it turned out so well, when I was all set to dump it in the delete folder. It's a cardinal. See the link above in my reply to Kathy.

    Kimberly - Thanks! And thanks for visiting.

    Margaret - I love the colors, too. Thanks for stopping over.

    Staci - It turned out much better than I originally thought!

    Kelly - Thanks! I'm having fun looking through my pictures from Hawaii. Need to post some more!

    Nan - I was amazed it turned out to be a keeper. I really thought I was going to wind up deleting it, but when I saw it on my computer screen (as opposed to the little screen on the back of my camera), I decided I liked it. A lot!

    Andi - Thank you. I think it turned out much better than a simple still shot of the cardinal. I like the action and in spite of the blur, the path of flight.


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