July 14, 2012

Life Is Good - June

It's important to recognize and remember the good things in life, so I've decided to make a point of jotting down my monthly blessings.

So what made me smile (or laugh) last month?

  • Window washers. Love my clean windows!
  • Frontline. More than 30 ticks removed from Annie-Dog (over one weekend!).
  • A touching Facebook post by my nephew:
    I've got gas in my tank, food on my plate and even a place to sleep. I should never complain about a damn thing again.
  • A beautiful bride and a beaming groom.
  • A mini-family reunion in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Eardrums still intact (after flying with a terrible head cold)!
  • My first Trail Trek.
  • A new fountain for our deck.
  • Rain!
  • Ice-cold beer on a hot summer evening.
  • Beautiful colors in our garden. 
  • A monthly total of 66.47 miles ridden on my bike.


  1. Life is certainly good. Now if I could just some window washers to come my way.

    1. We've lived in this house for 12 years. This is the second time I've hired someone to clean the windows. We have a set of storms that stay on year-round. I can clean the inside windows, but not the 2nd floor outside or in-between the storms. It's not cheap, but it's worth it!

  2. I love what your nephew wrote..so very true!! The photos are wonderful!!

    1. He's a wise young man. Thanks for the kind words.

  3. Always love this!
    We don't use frontline - just pull off the ticks. Actually mostly off us. Sadie is at a stage of her life when she stays in most of the time.
    You have people who wash your windows?!!!
    And I bought that Bonnie Raitt album on vinyl. :<) My first v. purchase in many a year. We set up a new turntable, connected to the Bose. It's great. I really must do a blog post on this.

    1. I know other people who don't use frontline... I use it more for flea prevention than ticks, since Annie is so rarely ever out in tall grass.

      See my reply to Kathy about the window washers. :)

      Isn't that BR album wonderful?! How fun to have a turntable!


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