September 4, 2012

Photo-A-Day August

Several years ago, I created a photoblog on Aminus3. I think I first discovered this photo community when Nat started posting her beautiful photographs of Japan on the site. I've always loved taking pictures and this was a great way to share some of my favorites. After a few days, I decided to see if I could post a picture every day for an entire year. I'm happy to say that I met that challenge! It's probably one of the few "blogging" challenges with which I've had any success. ;)

I don't get out and shoot as often as I'd like, but thanks to Kelly, SuziQ, Andi, Nat and Trish, I was inspired to try my hand at the Photo-A-Day challenge in August. I knew it might be a bit difficult with our granddaughter here for two weeks, but I figured if I couldn't get a shot every day, I could at least post what I had. And, following Trish's example, I decided to have a month-end wrap-up rather than posting every day on my blog (or Facebook). I've got Instagram on my phone, but I'm too picky and want to see the pictures on my large monitor before sharing them with my friends.

So, here's what I shot. As Trish said last month, these weren't all taken on their given date. I'm not Superwoman, either. ;)


1. Outside
Summer heatwave and drought in Nebraska. :(

2. One
Betcha can't eat just one!

3. Coin
This silver dollar is my husband's. 
It was minted the same year his mother was born (1922).

4. Somewhere You Sat
This is one of my favorite places to sit
 (from about March to December, if we're lucky).

5. Logo
I live in these t-shirts.

6. Writing
Thank you notes from my sweet granddaughter.

7. 8 O'clock
A "Monet" Day. 
The view from our deck.

8. Glasses
His & Hers.

9. Messy
My name is Lesley and I'm a book hoarder.

10. Ring
Our dinner bell.

11. Purple
Rachel's flower at the Lincoln Sunken Gardens.

12. Spoon
I use this spoon every morning.
I have a dozen or so in this pattern, 
which were my grandmother's 
(A is for Ashbrook).

13. Simple
Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

15. Ready
Annie watching the rabbit in our neighbor's yard. 
She's certain it will come into our yard.

16. Food
Delicious Puffed Pancake!

17. Faces

18. Inside
Annie thinks she's a cat. 
When she's outside, she wants in.
When she's inside, she wants out.

20. Today
Unfortunately, the storm missed Lincoln.

21. Cool.
Not so much.

22. Home
team. Go Huskers!

23. Pair
Shay with our neighbor's 
three-year-old twins, Lucy and Lily.

24. Path
Autumn leaves in the middle of August?
Fine with me. I'm over Summer!

25. Fresh
Strawberry Oreo Cheesecake Ice Cream. 
Twice in one day!

26. Dream
I used to dream about owning my own bookstore. 
I'm over it.

28. Clock
This is the lovely gift my husband 
gave me for our 10th anniversary.


31. Hidden
Do you see him? 
The evil squirrel who is eating 
all the leaves off my hibiscus plant?! 
He doesn't even mind the Tabasco-flavored leaves!

Phew! I'm surprised I got so many. I missed:


Now to see how I do with this month's list.


  1. It looks like your granddaughter is artistic as well as sweet.

    1. She's very artistic! I had fun last Christmas, putting together a big gift box full of art supplies. She loved everything!

  2. So many great shots here!!! I'm glad you decided to participate--I made it about halfway through the month but might try to do better in September. Kelly/Kailana is supposed to be reminding me. ;)

    the purple flowers are just gorgeous--as is Shay. Just can't get over her smile.

    I'm ready for fall--we have some leaves that are turning but I think it's because they're just plain out of water...

    1. Thanks, Trish. It was a lot of fun! I'm in again for September and will do a wrap-up post in early October.

      Yes, Miss Shay is quite a beautiful little girl. She's always smiling and always so cheerful. Love her!

      Fall is creeping in with very cool temps in the morning. We were in the high 40s both yesterday and today, but by late afternoon it got up in the high 80s. Mother Nature is such a fickle gal! As am I. I'm sure I'll start whining about the snow and frigid temps in a few more months. ;)

  3. Yay! So glad you played along and hope you're in for September too! Now we need to work on getting you over that 'the photos have to be perfect' thing so you'll post them daily on Instagram and save the perfect ones for other stuff.


    1. I think I like the full collection as a monthly wrap-up, but thanks for the encouragement to ditch my perfectionism. ;)

  4. Glad to see you are joining in, Lesley! I look forward to September's pictures. :)

    1. It's been a lot of fun. I'm not a very creative person, but this helps me step outside the box and try my hand at something artistic. Thanks!

  5. Great post, Les! I just love the ornate old spoon juxtaposed with the peace symbol mug...two generations. I always enjoy seeing your photos, regardless of the subject matter.

    1. Thanks, Janet! I like your observation about the mug and spoon. I never thought about that, but it makes perfect sense!

  6. Love all of these great shots!! That squirrel is pretty tricky isn't he??!!

    1. Thanks, Staci. It's been a lot of fun!

      Yes, that d*#^ed squirrel is quite tricky. And annoying. ;(

  7. Lesley! I love these photographs! And, you're so clever on so many counts: a.) posting them all in one fell swoop b.) taking gorgeous shots c.) showing us your life d.) your sense of humour! "I'm Lesley, and I'm a book hoarder." Hilarious, even if true for most of us. ;) Are you sure you're over owning a bookstore? Sometimes, I think that would be neat...with a little perfume boutique off to the side, and a restaurant on the patio that only friends could come to. Never mind, I guess that would be called "home".

    1. Thank you, Meredith!! It was so much fun coming up with the subjects for each word/prompt. This month is proving to be just as fun.

      Yes, I am definitely over owning a bookstore. I love working in one, but I wouldn't want the headaches involved in keeping one afloat in this economy.

      Now, as far as what you call "home," perhaps that could be for all of us friends who may wind up as widows some day. (I know that's morbid, but probably a reality since women outlive men---and my husband is ten years older than me). Think of it as a commune for widows. We could have our own library; someone could cook; someone could garden; we could ride our bikes or go for daily walks with all of our dogs. Of course, we'd have to find the perfect climate...;)

  8. WHAT FUN to see all these pics! I loved them, each in their own way. I never knew squirrels ate leaves of plants.

    1. Thank you, dear Nan! I love them, too. :)

      I never knew squirrels ate leaves, either! I thought a grasshopper was to blame until I caught the squirrel in the act! ;(

  9. What a great post! I love seeing what people come up with for this challenge. They're so creative! "One" particularly made me grin and I'm crazy about that mug in your "Spoon" shot. I'm trying to join in on the September challenge but not doing very well. I'll definitely try to play every day in October. Should be a little more settled, by then!

    1. Thanks, Nancy! I loved this challenge and was happy to join in. I've missed Am3, so this was just right for me.

      I had fun with "One." And that mug came from Barnes and Noble a few years ago. Rod refers to it as my "vat." I drink 2 "vats" of coffee every morning. ;)

      I'll look forward to your posts once you get settled. I'm amazed you even have time to get online these days. Thanks for stopping by!


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