March 9, 2013

#Estellagram - Week One

A week in photos. Go here for more information and follow me on Instagram (lesscher). As usual, click on the photo for a larger view.

Day 1

Day 2
TBR (To Be Read)
Multiply by 25!

Day 3

Day 4
Some of my all-time favorite novels.

Day 5
Nonfiction Favorites (Part I)

Day 5
Nonfiction Favorites (Part II)

Day 6
My current read and a few favorites. 
Weird that I don't keep a lot of mysteries,
 once I've read them. 

Day 7

I can definitely do this! I can't believe I'm not stressing about editing and capturing the perfect shot with my 35mm. It's so easy to use my phone (an Android) and take a single shot every day. Easy-peasy!


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