February 23, 2014

Book Signing!

Shameless plug for my husband! He (and several other local authors) will be doing a book signing at the SouthPointe Barnes & Noble (in Lincoln, NE) on Saturday, March 1st, from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Copies of his new Dana book and the earlier Slocum book will be available, so come on by and get your signed copy, or just hang out and say hi, get a cup of coffee, maybe buy some books or magazines. We're looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it! Can't be there? Get your copy here. Or that OTHER dot-com, if you must. 

Early Reviews:
Stephen M. Buhler
Rod Scher is an ideally informative and amiable companion as he follows Dana on his exciting and exhausting voyage—he places Dana fully in his time and place, offering historical and cultural contexts for the writer's experiences, observations, and expressions. Scher knows how to inspire a sense of historical imagination in his readers, without forgetting who we are now. Scher can be proud of his own achievement in bringing such factual detail and humane judgment to this edition.
Patricia Wood
An enjoyable and fascinating look at a [classic]. The modern reader navigating Dana’s story is given a global view in retrospect, which adds much to Dana’s narrative and offers a glimpse of the views and opinions of that time and place. Scher’s The Annotated Two Years Before the Mast takes a classic tome and repackages it with seafaring terms defined and historical references in place, thereby transforming it into a gripping tale for any avid sailor, history buff, or literary aficionado to enjoy.
E. Michael Jackson
Rod Scher has done it again, this time with his brilliant annotation . . . . Scher’s annotation reopened this classic for me. This is a careful and thoughtful work, never dry and often with a subtle twist of humor, yet always sensitive to Dana’s themes. Reading this annotation brings young Dana’s chronicle into sharp, poignant relief in an almost new and very exciting way.


  1. Congratulations, Rod!

  2. So happy for him, and proud of him!!

  3. Thanks, friends. I'll pass your comments on to Rod.

  4. Tom's folks give us a subscription to a magazine called The Week, and in the Feb 21 edition's book section Diane Johnson, the writer, offers her 'Best books.' One is Two Years Before the Mast! Though she doesn't specifically mention the annotated edition, she does say this:
    "In 1834, 'after somewhat varied and troublous school days' at Harvard, the 19-year-old Dana set out for a voyage he hoped would cure a 'weakness of the eyes' he had contracted through measles. Perhaps I hoped that such an adventure would cure my nearsightedness as well. His journey takes him to exotic shores I longed to visit."

    1. I went to the website for the magazine and saw the article by Diane Johnson. How cool, Nan! Thanks for bringing this to my attention! Time to read this great book! :)


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