March 30, 2014

Gratitude Lately

Lately, I've been thankful for gorgeous sunrises

Sunny afternoons

Walks in the park

A new mug for tea

Tried-and-true recipes that bring smiles

The arrival of spring flowers

Dog parties

And for music in my home.

Happy Sunday, friends. 
What are you grateful for this week?


  1. What a perfect post for celebration, for Sunday! I've been a bit discouraged lately, not even for any good reason, and these kinds of posts being happiness to my heart and my thoughts. It's so essential to point out the joy as you have so beautifully done. Continuously do.

    1. Thanks, Meredith. I enjoy reading these sort of posts on other blogs and had fun composing mine with some of recent photos. Glad you enjoyed it. I hope you're having a good week. xoxo

  2. Maybe I should do a post like this. The weather is really really getting to me. I just can't seem to shake it. :(

    1. I think the weather has been awfully difficult this year! Two days ago it was 77 degrees. Today we woke up to temps in the 20s. I pray it doesn't snow!

      Yes, I think you should do a post like this! As much as I love to read book reviews, I think I enjoy a photo essay even more. :)

  3. Love the dog party!

    1. There were two other dogs at the party, Nan. Just not in the kitchen with Annie and Sundance. Oh, that Sunny is such a sweetheart. So much like my Annie girl. Love him!


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