May 10, 2016

Wordless Wednesday {more or less}

The Calm Before the Storm

  Eight hours later, a storm moved 
in with pea-sized hail.

Starting to fall pretty heavily now.

Torrential downpour and flooding.

Looks like snow!

Thankful it's only this size. 
Softball-sized hail just to the east of us!

If this was a video,
 you'd be able to hear the tornado sirens
 (and the hail!)
This lasted for over 3 hours!

Two tornadoes touched down in Lincoln. 
Almost 5 inches of rain.
The roof and siding are fine. 
The basement is dry. 
The flowers will rebound.

We got lucky.

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  1. This is awful. Glad you guys are fine, but what a horror to have such weather and for so long!

    1. Nan, it was pretty intense, but we got lucky. A lot of people to the east of us had terrible hail damage to their cars and homes.

  2. What is up with the weather! Crazy!!

    1. Kailana, it's been pretty nice this week, although we're in for more storms in the next few days. Spring weather is always crazy!

  3. I hate tornado season. Glad you guys didn't have any damage!

    1. Iliana, I really hate tornado season, too! Still waiting on someone to come and check our roof for damage, although I'm pretty sure it's ok. Fingers crossed!

  4. Whew. Glad you missed out on huge hail and tornadoes.

    1. Deb, I'm glad we missed out on the huge hail and tornadoes, too! I've seen some of the damage from the softball-sized hail and my heart goes out to those homeowners. :(


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