September 5, 2016

A Month in Summary - August 2016

Today is Labor Day, which in my mind is the last day of summer. We will still have plenty of warm weather in the coming weeks, but the days will get shorter and it won't be long before it's dark when I get home from work. Each season has its benefits (and detriments, as exhibited by today's current temp of 92), but I will miss the lazy evenings and sitting out on the porch, enjoying a glass of wine with my husband before fixing dinner.

Anyhow, to my reading. August was another decent month with regard to quantity and quality. There was only one disappointing book in the lot, but I finished it nonetheless. A couple were ok, but not great and a few were very good. I certainly can't complain, although I didn't stick to my goal of reading my own books. All but one were borrowed, which is a huge change from the past seven months. Maybe I'll do better in September.   

Leveling the Playing Field by Rod Scher (Own) 4.5/5

The Things We Keep by Sally Hepworth (Borrowed) 3.5/5

The Girl with All the Gifts by M.R. Carey (Borrowed - Audio) 4/5

The Sixth Idea by P.J. Tracy (Borrowed) 2/5

Dark Matter by Black Crouch (Borrowed) 4.5/5

They May Not Mean To, But They Do by Cathleen Schine (Borrowed - Audio) 3.5/5


Triple Dog Dare Challenge - Completely failed this month, but I don't care. I spent the first half of the year reading most of my own books and decided this month to read some new releases that caught my eye.

6 books
2 novels

1 mystery
1 thriller
1 sci-fi
1 nonfiction 
3 new-to-me-authors 
4 print
2 audio
3 female
3 male
5 borrowed
1 from my stacks 

Favorite of the Month: We have a tie this month! Leveling the Playing Field by Rod Scher and Dark Matter by Blake Crouch.

Reviews to follow


  1. I do plan to get Leveling the Playing Field eventually, but hasn't happened yet.

    1. Kelly, thanks for your interest in Rod's book! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. :)

  2. A great reading month! I also think of Labor Day as the end of Summer. While I'm not a fan of shorter daylight hours in the Fall/Winter, I am definitely ready for the cooler temperatures here in Texas :)

    1. Iliana, we are finally getting some cooler weather, here and there. I was able to go for a long walk both yesterday and Saturday and didn't die of heat exhaustion. :)

      Hope you're having a good reading month, so far!

  3. I'll miss the long days of sunlight.

    1. Kathy, you and me both!

  4. Have we talked about The Sixth Idea? Sigh. We started listening to it on our last trip back from NM. Only got a few hours in. Neither of us are much impressed, but we'll probably finish it on another trip at some point.

    1. Kay, no I don't think we've talked about The Sixth Idea. It was a bit disappointing, wasn't it? Oh, well. :(

  5. I envy you your reading freedom. Somehow I have gotten myself all involved in obligatory reading, for challenges or promised reviews, and it's sucking the joy out of my pleasure in reading and blogging. I went to the library tonight and just picked up books from the shelves that looked good, as I used to do in 2006. I'm my own worst enemy, thank goodness you're here to remind me how reading ought to be.

    And, Happy Labor Day (yesterday). We're back to 98 degree temps which are making me chafed and irritable, in case you couldn't tell. ;)

    1. Meredith, I was pretty strict with myself about reading only from my personal library for the first part of the year (not true "reading freedom"), but there are so many new books calling for my attention that I've abandoned that goal and am reading whatever I'm drawn to at the moment. I just wish I had more time to read. It's hard to get engrossed in a good book when I'm only reading in fits and starts. Isn't it fun to peruse the shelves at a library and come home with an armful? I will probably being doing a lot of that once we're retired and living (on a budget!) in Oregon. ;)

      Hope you're enjoying some of the cooler weather we had this past weekend. Fall is in the air!


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