December 11, 2016

A Month in Summary - November 2016

Can we get a do-over? November was pretty much a bust in more ways than one! I'm surprised that I'm able to list these two books, since I really was in a slump and couldn't focus on reading. Now with all the holiday busyness, I'm not getting much accomplished in the way of reading this month, either.

Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson (borrowed - audio) 3/5

Gemini by Carol Cassella (own) 4/5


Triple Dog Dare Challenge - Seems odd to say that I stuck with the challenge this month, since I only read two books. And yet, the one from my shelf is one I've been eager to read, so I'm glad I had the challenge as motivation.

2 books
1 novels

1 nonfiction
1 new-to-me-authors 
1 print
1 audio
1 female
1 male
1 borrowed
1 from my stacks 

Favorite of the Month: Gemini by Carol Cassella

Reviews to follow


  1. Hope the New Year starts out better than the old one ended reading wise!

    1. Kelly, well December's pretty much a bust, so I hope 2017 is an improvement!

  2. Yeah, November was a stinker.

    1. Kathy, December isn't much better. :(

  3. Don't feel bad I was in a slump for 3 weeks do to some testing which fortunately turned out well but, I couldn't focus. Now I think I'm back if I can fit it in time wise:)

    1. Diane, I'm so glad your tests turned out well. Life has a way of distracting us from our pleasures, doesn't it?

      Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. I'm looking forward to a week of relaxing. Work has been exhausting, but at least we're busy. Busy is a good thing!

  4. I hear you! And, at the rate I'm going, December is going to be a stinker for reading too! Gemini has been on my list. I really enjoy Carole Cassella's books.

    1. Well, I doubled the number of books read in December, so it was a little better than November, but still not record-breaking.

      Aren't Carole Cassella's books wonderful? She's really not very well-known either, is she?

      Hope you had a lovely Christmas and a safe & happy New Year, Iliana!


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