May 29, 2018

Olympic Peninsula Trip - Day Fifteen

Sunday, October 1, 2017
Hammond, OR to Depoe Bay, OR
Distance: 120 miles
Duration: 3 1/4 hours
Weather: 60 degrees and sunny

It rained through the night, but the sun was shining when we woke up. We decided to take a walk out to the beach to see the Wreck of the Peter Iredale. It was a pretty walk along the bike path and I made a mental note to bring our bikes on our next trip to this park.

Oregon grows really big banana slugs!

The remains of the shipwreck were pretty impressive and it was a beautiful morning to get some photos against the vivid blue sky. There were a lot of people out on the beach flying kites and enjoying the nice weather. 

I'll take the banana slugs over a cougar encounter any day! 

Really nice trail for biking or walking.


Great place to stop for lunch.

Pretty impressive retaining wall.

We headed home at 1:00 (check-out time) and made a lunch stop at the wayside on Neahkahnie Mountain. Stunning view of the ocean, which was a nice way to end a great trip!


  1. Really enjoyed all these posts about your trip last fall. And those slugs - I remember them. Ick! Ha!

    1. Thanks so much, Kay. I've enjoyed sharing all the posts about our trip and am happy to have a record of each day's adventures to look back on. Yeah, those slugs are nasty and we find them in our back yard (and flower pots) quite often. :(

  2. Those are stunning views! I would love to visit there one day.

    1. Iliana, the Oregon coast has some amazing views and there are plenty of turnouts and view points to safely stop along Hwy 101 and take in all the pretty scenery. It's wonderful that big cities haven't ruined the coastline!

  3. There is nothing better than sandwiches on the side of the road.
    Your, however, is a much better view than I have

    - Lisa

    1. Lisa, we love finding scenic waysides to stop for lunch. We wind up relaxing much longer than we would if we stopped at a fast food place, but the food is much healthier and the views are just a nourishing to the soul.


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