May 22, 2018

Olympic Peninsula Trip - Day Thirteen

Friday, September 29, 2017
Brinnon, Washington
Dosewallips State Park

We woke up to clouds, followed by a gentle rain, so we had a nice relaxing morning with nothing on our agenda. Well, Rod had an editing job, but otherwise it was a pretty lazy day. I took three walks and spotted some eagles and a heron (more photos previously posted here).

View from our bedroom window.

View from the dinette. 

A few nice sites down by the river (all dry camping).

Such a peaceful morning.

My dad and stepmom's site, which was next to ours and had a very nice woodsy feel to it.

And for our last dinner in Dosewallips, Shrimp and Cheesy Grits. Delish!


  1. That all looks so peaceful.

    1. Kathy, it was one of the most peaceful campgrounds we've visited so far! I could spend weeks there.

  2. Replies
    1. Kay, it is super yummy and fairly easy to throw together. We love it, but it's a bit on the unhealthy side. :(

  3. Beautiful settings. Even in the rain :)

    - Lisa

    1. Lisa, I agree! We've just booked another visit to this lovely state park. It will be more crowded, as we'll be there in July, but maybe since it will be mid-week, it won't be too bad. :)


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