August 12, 2018

Bandon - Day Five

Bandon, Oregon
October 26, 2017
Bullards Beach State Park

After reading about all the great hiking trails at Bandon Dunes Golf Course, I decided to head over after breakfast and try a few. The Dunes is only a few minutes from the campground and it's gorgeous, reminding me of Torrey Pines with all the pine trees and sweeping ocean views.

I picked up a trail map at the main club house and set out on the Jamie McEwan Trail. The sun was shining and I was glad to be wearing shorts. It got pretty warm!

This trail leads from the Lodge along the top of the main resort dune ridge. The views of the golf course, with the ocean in the distance, were amazing!

Looking east (Highway 101 is just beyond the trees).

This invasive plant (Gorse) is still a problem in Oregon and I saw quite a bit on the trails. It may be invasive, but I still think it's very pretty.

Almost makes me wish I knew how to golf!

Finally some shade, although the sandy trail was still a workout!

Lovely view of the ocean.

I was surprised that there were very few golfers out on the links. Or on the trails! The weather couldn't have been more perfect.

Ugh! This was harder than it looks.

Madrone Lake

You can only see their silhouettes, but there are two deer just to the left of the building.

Grabbed a bottle of water at the club house and headed out to hike the beach trail.

The beach was completely deserted (for that matter, the golf course wasn't terribly busy, either!) and I wasn't able to locate the shipwrecked schooner Acme, which ran aground on Halloween night in 1924. I enjoyed my walk, but was worn out and ready to get back to the campground. Walking through the dunes was a lot more difficult than I imagined!

This is a moderate hike, but the sand dunes make it even more challenging.

After lunch, we drove around in search of some fishing sites. We went out Hwy. 42S, which was very pretty. The trees and bushes were just beginning to show some fall colors and looked gorgeous in the late afternoon light. 

We came upon a herd of elk in a large field. They were pretty curious, watching us as we stopped to snap a couple of pictures.

We found this nice spot (Rocky Point Country Park) just a few minutes away from our campground and the evening glow on the river was so very lovely. I spied a huge blue heron, but he was too quick for a photo.

There is nothing quite like being near water, whether it's the ocean, lake or river.


  1. I've hiked the Jamie McEwan Trail - several times. I did not do the Beach Trail. I don't like sand getting in my shoes and when you walk through those dune, you can't help but get sandy. The picture where 'it's harder than it look' - yes - I had to stop at the Practice Center and take off my shoes and my socks and clean my feet. Yes, I'm picky. Loved all the pictures!

    1. Kay, I wish Bandon were closer so I could've met up with you and hiked those trails! I loved the Jamie McEwan and the one that goes out to the labyrinth, but I doubt I'd hike the Beach Trail again. Well, maybe I would but not after having already hiked the others. Glad you enjoyed the pictures. I have a hard time culling them down to just a few!

  2. Beautiful photos! I'm not a golfer either... sometimes we look at beautiful course and think about learning together, but there are so many other things we'd rather do ;-)

    1. JoAnn, I played golf a couple of times with some friends when we lived in Lincoln, but without lessons, it's really challenging! My husband doesn't play either, otherwise I might be more tempted to learn. I'd rather hike & bike (and read!). :)


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