May 26, 2019

Fort Stockton & Van Horn, TX

Thursday, October 4, 2018
Fort Stockton to Van Horn, Texas
Desert Willow RV Park
Distance: 125 miles
Cost: $14
Duration: 1 night
Weather: Sunny and hot (80s)

We had an uneventful drive along I-10 with (thankfully!) no wind to speak of. We didn't have a very long drive, but it would have been too far to go all the way to our next destination, so we opted to stop for the night in Van Horn.

Beautiful clouds over the mountains.

Very basic park. Full hook-ups, but 
no picnic table or trees for shade (or privacy).

A hitching post for your horse?

Trying desperately to keep the RV cool!

No noisy neighbors, but the train tracks are right
behind those buildings and we heard them all night.

I suppose they can't all be gorgeous RV parks with pools, pickleball courts and curbside trash pick-up. At $14 a night (using our Passport America membership), this no-frills park was clean and tidy and for one night, we really can't complain. Easy access from I-10 and a very friendly manager, whom we probably should have asked for lunch recommendations rather than trying Chuy's without checking the online reviews. I can't remember the last time I had such a terrible meal. The beer was even flat!

It appears that the park is under new management and is now called Wild West RV Park. I wonder if they have any plans to plant some trees or shrubs. Or, maybe they'll just add a few tumbleweeds between sites. ;)


  1. I love reading about your traveling adventures. We love West Texas, but we tend to stay in Alpine, the Davis Mountains, or Big Bend. Alpine is a lovely little town and Marfa has become a real tourist attraction. (Plus Marfa has a fabulous independent bookstore.)

    1. Deb, I just spent a few minutes looking up Alpine, Marfa and the Davis Mountains. We will definitely go that route next time we drive across Texas! We wanted to stay on I-10 since we had to be somewhere in a few days (and rv travel is much slower than by regular car), but this route on Hwy. 90 looks much more appealing! Thanks for the recommendations!

  2. I second the recommendation for Davis Mountains State Park, Alpine, and Marfa. We've stayed there several times in our travels (on our blog if you want specifics) and it's a delightful area. You would enjoy it! :-)

    1. Oh, this is so good to know, Laurel! I will certainly look at your blog posts about the area and make a mental note to travel this route on our next trip to New Braunfels. We will probably never go (from Oregon) through Nevada again! What a long, boring trip. I would much rather go through California (lots of family and friends) then across through Arizona (more friends) to Texas. Anyhow, I'm glad to learn of an alternate route across Texas. I-10 is really quite awful. Off to peruse your blog right now! Thank you, thank you! :)


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