August 28, 2019

Garberville, CA & Brookings, OR

Friday, October 26, 2018
Garberville, CA to Brookings, OR
Harris Beach State Park
Distance: 188 miles
Duration: 1 night
Cost: $32

Another relaxing morning (although Rod did have a teleconference before we left) and we were on the road before noon. We didn't feel rushed and since it's a familiar drive, we didn't leave until close to check-out.

I always enjoy my walks by this beautiful, old hotel.

The trees were so pretty!

I thought it would be fun to have our lunch in the Redwood National Park, so we took a road that we thought would lead us to something in the way of a visitor center. HA! The road (Bald Hills Road) just north of Orick was not one we should have taken! At the "entrance" of the park, we saw a sign that said "Steep road. Trailers not advised." It did not indicate the percentage of the grade, nor did it say anything about RVs. So, up we went. The road was very narrow with huge pot holes. Had there been a place to turn around, I might have considered doing just that before we went any further. The incline was VERY steep! We finally reached the first parking area and we decided to turn around and go back down the hill. The RV was going pretty fast, even with the lower gears in tow mode. It was pretty scary, especially since I had to rely on the brakes along with the lower gears. We reached the bottom and found a parking spot in another lot and ate our lunch. There might have been a beer involved, too. While reading a sign near a trailhead, I discovered that the road we had just come down was 15%. This sign also said not recommended for trailers or RVs. I wish we had seen that one first. 

Didn't see any!

Nice spot for lunch.

The rest of the drive back to Oregon was uneventful. It started to drizzle in Crescent City, but no wind to speak of. We arrived at Harris Beach SP and got set up in our lovely ocean view site. Sadly, it was raining. It wasn't pouring, but we couldn't see the water or any of the rocks. I would love to return to this SP (this was our second visit) when the weather's better and it's not too crowded.

The view from our back window. (Site #A22)

Almost home!


  1. That drive down that road sounds pretty scary but it sounds like you know just how to handle the RV.

    1. Kathy, even though I've grown accustomed to driving the RV, 15% is pretty nerve-wracking! But, now I know I can handle even that! :)

  2. I just love all this nature you guys are around on your travels. Granted that hotel looks absolutely beautiful and I wouldn't mind staying there one day :)

    1. Iliana, we love be out in nature, too. There are some lovely rv "resorts" but we prefer more rustic, natural settings. That said, I agree that the Benbow Inn would be a lovely place for a night or two. We had a delicious lunch in the dining room one time when we were camping at the KOA. Next time, we want to sit out on the patio and have drinks.


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