September 1, 2019

Texas Road Trip 2018 Summary

What an amazing trip! We spent 55 days traveling across six states visiting friends in Texas, friends in Arizona and family and friends in California. That's what this road trip was all about. The National Parks were a huge bonus (especially the Grand Canyon), but it was all about seeing those we love and miss that made this trip so special. I spent countless hours preparing our route (RV Trip Wizard was a lifesaver!), prepping meals to freeze (so I wouldn't waste time cooking when I'd rather be outside biking, hiking or sitting by the fire), and organizing the RV for two months of travel. So worth it!

A few stats, since I love this sort of thing:

Miles Driven: 5,891
Nights at Campgrounds: 33
Nights Boondocking: 7
Nights Moochdocking (friends/family): 14
Least Expensive Campground/RV Park: $6 Desert View (Grand Canyon)
Most Expensive Campground/RV Park: $57 Benbow KOA
Cost of Camping: $1,113
Average Cost per Night (excluding free nights): $31.80
Average Cost per Night (entire trip): $20.61
Cheapest Gas: $2.56/gallon (San Angelo, TX)
Most Expensive Gas: $4.49/gallon (Santa Claus, AZ)
Cost of Fuel (including propane): $2,023.44
Total Cost of Fuel and Lodging: $3,136.44
Cost spent exploring our beautiful country and visiting friends & family: Priceless!
Hottest Day: 102 (Las Vegas, NV)
Coldest Morning: 43 (Albuquerque, NM)
Most Beautiful Sunrise: Desert View (South Rim, Grand Canyon)
Most Beautiful Sunset: Desert View (South Rim, Grand Canyon)
Darkest Sky: City of Rocks (Faywood, NM)
Steepest Grade: 15% (Bald Hills Road, Redwood NP)
Most Boring Highway: Hwy. 95 (Nevada)
Most Stressful Drive: Devil's Backbone (Texas Hill Country)
National Parks and Monuments Visited: Crater Lake, Grand Canyon, El Morro, Petrified Forest, Saguaro, Redwood.
Favorite National Park: Grand Canyon
Wildlife and Birds: Elk, deer, javalina, Abert's squirrel, jack rabbit, eagle, osprey, turkeys, peacocks, pelicans, gray jays, and woodpeckers.
Friends & Family Visited: Linda & Bob, Kim & Pat, Cami & Chad, Maggie & Dick, Kristy & George, Amy & Will, Ana & Mark, Val & Neal, Merry & George, Sarah & Bert, and Sue & Rob. A huge thank you to everyone who allowed us to moochdock on your property, as well as taking time out of your busy schedules to hang out with us. We loved seeing all of you!
Meals at In-N-Out Burger: 4
Favorite Coffee House: Firecreek Coffee Company (Flagstaff, AZ)

There is nothing quite like a deadline to get me motivated. Tomorrow, Rod and I are heading out on another two month journey in our RV! We only plan to visit two states this year, but we're just as excited about all the new areas we hope to see as we were with last year's trip. I won't make any promises about blogging about this road trip any quicker than our 2018 trip, but I hope it won't take an entire year. :) 

To read all about our 2018 journey, click here or click on the link (55 Days on the Road) in the sidebar. I hope to eventually rename the posts to reflect the location of that day's visit, which should help enable future searches of specific areas.


  1. This makes me so lonesome for the Grand Canyon! (Did I ever tell you I walked down to the bottom when I was 11 by myself? It took ALL day, and I still remember how hard it was to come back up. My parents bought me a Navajo bracelet which they had engraved with the word "courage" when we got back to Illinois.) Anyway, great shots of you and Rod there. I'm so glad you have these glorious trips together.

    1. Meredith, I do remember you telling me about your hike to the bottom BY YOURSELF! I only went a few miles down and it was incredibly difficult to climb back up. I can't imagine going all the way to the bottom. I'm lonesome for the GC, too! We had such a great time last year, but we probably won't get back for a few more years. This year's trip is all about California & Oregon. Next year we'll probably visit Montana and Wyoming. Or maybe Alaska. Still trying to decide, but for now, we're focusing on our trip to San Diego for Amy's wedding!

  2. Les, wishing you and Rod a wonderful trip this year. Know that lots of wonderful events are upcoming. Take care and give your girl a hug for me. :-)

    1. Thanks, Kay! It should be lots of fun. We're in Bandon tonight and tomorrow night. Gorgeous weather! I won't get over to walk the trails at the golf course, but I plan to ride my bike and walk on the beach. :)

  3. I have never really been to the northwest, it would be fun to see that area. We were in San Diego for the graduation of my son from the Marines; must be special things happen there!😉 Looking forward to hearing about Amy's wedding (and all the fantastic Mexican food you will probably eat in San Diego!). I just came back two weeks ago from my cousin's daughter's wedding in Virginia...they had bbq pork and mac and cheese at the reception. Best weddi ng dinner ever! You can tell I'm all about the food...😊❤

    1. Meredith, the Pacific Northwest is so beautiful. I know you would love it. I remember when you went to San Diego for the graduation ceremony. It's a beautiful city and we enjoyed living there (20 years!), but it's too crowded for my taste now. And, not enough green. We have only been on the road one day so far and had Mexican food in North Bend, OR. It was delicious! Yum, that wedding reception food sounds like my kind of meal. Yep, I'm all about the food, too. I better be careful, though. I have to fit into my MOB dress in three weeks! Eeek. :)

  4. Hope your next travels are filled with a lot of fun adventures! I can't wait to see pictures of all the places you will visit. Safe travels!

    1. Iliana, we hit the road today and so far, so good! Thanks for all the comments today on my blog! :) I'll catch up with you soon.


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