December 10, 2019

California Road Trip 2019 - Giant Redwoods RV & Camp

Thursday, September 5, 2019
Klamath to Myers Flat, CA
Giant Redwoods RV & Camp
Site #36
Distance: 130 miles
Duration: 1 night
Cost: $60
Weather: Sunny and low 80s

It was super foggy when we woke up, so no pretty sunrise over the river or mountains. We were on the road by 10:30 and had a nice leisurely drive down Highway 101. 

Klamath River

I had read about Patrick's Point State Park, which is north of Eureka, so we decided to drive through the park to see if we'd like to stay there some time in the future. There are no hookups, but it's pretty, especially the Abalone loop, which has the most trees. We stopped for lunch in Ferndale at No Brand Burger Stand and had hamburgers (grass-fed beef) that were just as good as the ones we had at CC Cafe in Crescent City. 

We'll be back!

Once we reached Myers Flat, we weren't quite sure what we were in for with our plans to stay at the Giant Redwoods RV & Camp, as we had to drive through a sketchy neighborhood to reach the entrance, but once inside their gated campground, we were pleasantly surprised. The park is situated on the Eel River with plenty of pines and redwood trees. It was quite warm (82 degrees), so we relaxed outside, enjoying our drinks before fixing dinner. 

Lots of privacy between the huge redwoods.

A very low Eel River.

The park has all the usual amenities: Full hookups, gravel pad (fairly level), fire ring, picnic table, free showers, decent Sprint & Verizon and excellent WiFi. There are no trails for biking or hiking, but the park is very peaceful and would be nice for a couple of days, especially if we needed connectivity, although the price per night is a little on the high end. Overall, a nice RV park with very friendly staff.


  1. It looks like you had a great burger tour, LOL. With some lovely campsites along the way. :-))

    1. Laurel, we had some wonderful hamburgers on this trip!! We're always on the search for good burgers, fish tacos and beer. :)


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