December 8, 2019

California Road Trip 2019 - Klamath River RV Park

Wednesday, September 4, 2019
Bandon, OR to Klamath, CA
Klamath River RV Park
Site #72
Distance: 137 miles
Duration: 1 night
Cost: $55 (riverfront)
Weather: Sunny and upper 60s

Travel day, although with the short distance to our next stop, we took our time packing up, enjoying our morning routine of coffee, breakfast and news/emails. We could have stayed as late as 1pm, but wanted to get to our next spot so we could enjoy our time there, especially since it was for only one night.

We had a fairly easy drive with just a little wind and a few delays due to road construction. We stopped for lunch at CC Diner in Crescent City. A friend had mentioned that they served great cheeseburgers, so we decided to give it a try. Oh, yum! I think we talked about this restaurant for the next two months, comparing every hamburger we ate to the ones we had at CC's. We had no other reason to stop in Crescent City, but it was definitely worth the stop and we'll go again whenever we are passing through the area.


We continued down Highway 101, chuckling at the huge Paul Bunyan (and Babe) statue at Trees of Mystery, which we've driven past several times. Some of the tourist attractions in this area leave us shaking our heads, wondering why anyone would stop. After reading some of the reviews, maybe we missed out on something fun and educational. Perhaps next time.

Trees of Mystery
Redwood National and State Parks

We made our way to the Klamath River RV Park, located in Klamath, California (not to be confused with Klamath Falls, Oregon). The park is similar to Point Hudson in Port Townsend, with sites on a relatively flat grassy area, facing the water and fairly close together. We had full hookups, laundry, showers (free) and, surprisingly, decent Sprint service. Verizon, however, was nonexistent. This is pretty rare for me to have connectivity and not Rod, but it makes me happy that we have continued to have both providers for just this situation.

We got situated, chatted with one of our neighbors, took a walk around the campground and picked some blackberries. It was nice to relax and enjoy our evening drinks in the warm sun, gazing out at the river where a few guys were fishing from the shoreline. One couple we talked to mentioned that a bear had been in the park the previous day, but we never saw any sign of him on either of our walks that day. The park was at about 75% capacity, but fairly quiet and we had a restful night.

Riverfront sites

Klamath River

Beautiful afternoon!


A healthier dinner (for two)
after our huge lunch.


  1. That cheeseburger does look amazing! As does that view!

    1. Pam, I'm a firm believer that nothing can taste bad when it's garnished with avocado. :)

  2. Your riverside campsite looks perfect! So nice to have happy hour with a view. And I think your dinner looks even more delicious than the burger. :-)

    1. Laurel, it wasn't a bad spot. Not a lot of privacy, but still a lovely view of the river. Both meals were very good, as I recall! :)


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