December 23, 2019

California Road Trip 2019 - Rancho Jurupa Park

Monday, September 11, 2019
Buellton to Riverside, CA
Rancho Jurupa Regional Park
Site #214
Route: Hwy. 101 to 134 (Ventura Highway) to 210 to 57 to 71 to 60 (Pomona Freeway).
Distance:  195 miles
Duration: 1 night
Cost: $45 + $8 reservation fee = $53
Weather: Sunny and hot (85 degrees)

We are often asked by friends and family why we opt to use the showers at a RV park or campground rather than the shower in our RV. Take a look at this amazing set up at the Flying Flags RV Resort! Wouldn't you rather take a shower (with unlimited hot water) in this immaculate and spacious shower room instead of in a tiny RV shower with 6 gallon capacity hot water heater? We have a fairly large gray tank, but if we were both to take showers, it would fill up much more quickly. By showering elsewhere, we also reduce the chance for mildew and mold to grow since we aren't creating any extra moisture from a hot, steamy shower. We don't let that valuable space go to waste, either; A laundry hamper, sodas and beer, a bucket with cleaning supplies and our traveling shower kits are all stored in this space. We have met a lot of RVers who always use their showers, but we really don't mind using the public facilities (which all have keypad locks for privacy), especially when we find such a nice spot like this. 

This is one of the differences 
between a RV "park" and a RV "resort."

Beautiful, clean and spacious shower. 

We'll be back!

Heading south on Hwy. 101 was not bad, in spite of the traffic. We hit quite a bit of slow & go once we got to L.A., but I did it! This is the second time I've driven the RV in L.A. and while it can be pretty stressful, I feel a great sense of accomplishment once we've safely reached our destination. I guess the slow moving traffic is a plus since nobody is able to fly past, cutting me off at 80 mph.

Thank goodness for GPS.
Nice to know ahead of time which lane you need to be in.

Glad we weren't in that mess.

First time we had to 
use our AC on this trip.

As we got off the freeway and headed toward our next spot for the night, we weren't too sure what we were in for since the neighborhood looked a little sketchy. Lots of bars on the windows of stores and homes. As we got closer to the regional park, which I found on RV Trip Wizard, our anxiety diminished and we wound up enjoying it much more than we thought we would. The sites are huge and spacious and the grassy areas were still very green, which is pretty amazing for Southern California in September!

Mt. Rubidoux

We were thankful for those huge trees.

We relaxed, had our drinks, went for a walk and checked things out. The full moon over the mountains was breathtaking!

Rancho Jurupa Regional Park has large, level concrete pads with full hook-ups, picnic tables and fire rings, as well as two lakes (stocked for fishing), disc golf, miniature golf, splash pads, playgrounds, two campgrounds and cabin rentals. There is also a laundry facility and coin-operated showers. We had free WiFi, in addition to great cell service with Verizon and Sprint. This would be a nice spot for a large family gathering.


  1. Thanks for sharing your travels. You make me want to learn to drive a big RV.

    1. I'm glad you're enjoying these travel posts, Deb. As far as driving a big RV, it doesn't take any time to get the hang of it! Of course, ours is only 27 feet long. Not sure if I could ever drive one of those big 40+ rigs!!


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