January 25, 2020

California Road Trip 2019 - Red Rock Canyon State Park (Part II)

Thursday, September 26, 2019
Red Rock Canyon State Park

It was a beautiful morning, although it was getting hot even as early as 6:30. With no cell service, our morning routine was shortened so we were ready to get on the road shortly after breakfast. I took a walk before we checked out, snapping a few more pictures of the beautiful rocks and campground.

 Bedroom window view!


Onward to Lone Pine!


  1. This looks amazing. Like you guys are the only ones there.

    1. Iliana, it kind of felt like we were on Mars! There were only a couple of other people camping, but they were far enough away that we didn't see or hear them.

  2. Wow!! That is a gorgeous landscape! Your campsite is fabulous. Although the rocks don't look red...so it's interesting that it's called Red Rock Canyon. (??)

    1. Laurel, I thought it was odd to name it Red Rock Canyon, but I searched online and there are areas in which the rocks are red. Maybe just not where we were camping. We really didn't do much in the way of hiking or sightseeing. Just an overnight in the heat! If we ever head back up Hwy. 395, we'll probably stay there again if it's not too hot.


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