August 17, 2022

Sisters, Oregon (Part Two)

Central Oregon Road Trip
May 25, 2022

A photo essay of our visit to Sisters, Oregon.

Beautiful lupine!

Wonderful bookstore in Sisters.

Great display! I used to love giving 
staff recs when I worked at Barnes & Noble.

Lots of stationery, games and gift merchandise.

Another great coffee shop.

Love the door pulls!

This may be my favorite brewery ever!

Fivepine Chocolate Porter. Yummm!

Such good clam chowder!

Halibut Bites

If you're into rodeos, 
this place has great views of the mountains.

Love all the pine trees in this rv park.

The Barn
Food trucks in Sisters.

Strawberry Lemonade. Mmmmm.

Rod's carne asada tacos were pretty good, but my fish tacos were nothing special. At least the lemonade was good.

We really enjoyed our stay in Sisters and hope to return at the end of our trip to Montana.


  1. We've never been to Sisters, but maybe at some point. I loved the bookstore shots, well, all the pictures. And the lupines! Also known in our area as bluebonnets! Love those too!

    1. Isn't that a great-looking bookstore, Kay? I could've spent a lot of money in there! I hope you can get to Sisters someday. I'd love to make it an annual trip.

  2. Looks like a great place to visit! It has amazing views, a rodeo, bookstore, and food!

    1. It's a fun little town, Vicki. I hope to get back there in another year or two!

  3. I'm telling my husband about this place right now. Our next Oregon rock trip...we are going here.

    1. Deb, I hope you can visit soon. It's a great little town. Very walkable, which I loved, in addition to having a wonderful bookstore and fabulous food!

  4. That bookstore is too cute! Love how inviting it is. Did you get any new books? I am sure it's not so easy as you don't have a lot of space but I bet it's hard to resist temptation.

    1. It's a fabulous bookstore, Iliana! I'm trying to remember what I bought there. Maybe Morningside Heidghts by Joshua Henkin, but I'm not positive. I try to limit myself to one book purchase (at each bookstore) when we're traveling. Gotta help support those indies!

  5. Sisters looks like a wonderful place to spend time!

    1. Helen, it's one of my favorite new places! I hope we get the chance to return next year (or maybe at the end of September).


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