November 29, 2023

The Betrayal of Trust


The Betrayal of Trust by Susan Hill
Simon Serraillier #6
2011 The Overlook Press
Finished on November 23, 2023
Rating: 3.5/5 (Good)

Publisher's Blurb:

Heavy rain falls on Lafferton, flooding the cathedral town and causing a landslip out on the moors. As the rain water slowly drains away, a shallow grave - and a skeleton - are revealed. 

It doesn't take long to identify the remains as those of missing teenager, Harriet Lowther, who was last seen sixteen years ago, waiting for a bus. But a cold case isn't a priority for a police force already struggling with staff shortages and cuts: if Detective Chief Superintendent Simon Serrailler is to solve the case, he will have to do it alone.

Meanwhile, his sister, Dr Cat Deerbon, is fighting for funding to prevent the closure of the local hospice that offers respite to so many of her patients.

The Betrayal of Trust is another entertaining installment in Susan Hill's Simon Serrailler series, but it's not a favorite. In addition to the mystery, there are several subplots dealing with Parkinson's Disease, ALS, dementia, and assisted suicide. These, and Simon's new romantic interest (which I found rather hard to believe), overshadow the main story. And, to add to my frustration, when I came to the final sentence, I was sure there was more to come on the following page. I was wrong, not to mention shocked and annoyed! The conclusion was very abrupt, leaving several loose ends. My only hope is that my questions are answered in the next installment (A Question of Identity). 


  1. There is something fascinating about a cold case. I get into the forensics of figuring out the story of the past.

    1. Helen, I've watched a couple of detective series that focus on cold cases. Interesting subject matter!


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