February 17, 2006

Odd Thomas

Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz
Finished on 2/1/06
Rating: A+ (10/10 Superb!)

I originally read this wonderful book back in August 2004. It'd been years (decades?) since I'd read anything by Koontz, but a friend raved about it and I decided to give it a try. I wasn't disappointed and it wound up on my Top Ten list for the year. When I learned Koontz was about to publish a sequel (Forever Odd), I was thrilled and decided to re-read Odd Thomas in preparation for the continuation of Odd's story.

Again, I was not disappointed. The book was just as good as I remembered (the mark of a truly great book, in my humble opinion) and made me even more anxious to pick up Forever Odd. Of course it helped that I'd forgotten several narrative details in the past year and a half. But I also remembered several that enabled me to read late into the night without spooking myself as I did the first time around.

Koontz not only weaves a spell-binding tale of horror, but writes a lyrical love story that will remain in my memory for years to come. I fell in love with Odd and felt his joy as well as his sorrow. He joins my list of favorite male characters, keeping company with Owen (A Prayer for Owen Meany), Ender Wiggin (Ender's Game) and Charlie (The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud).

I'd love to see this on the big screen some day. It's got something for everyone -- thrills, chills, humor and romance. Too bad Viggo Mortensen isn't a few years younger.

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  1. Anonymous5:59 PM

    I loved the Tender Bar. In fact I could hardly put it down. But then it reminded me of our little hometown bar where everyone went to find out the local news. It was always a very masculine place to be. You felt like part of the "good old boy" network when you were there with your dad and all the other farmers on a rainy day.


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