February 13, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks the one-year anniversary of this blog. I can't believe how quickly the time has flown since I first posted my review for Barbara Kingsolver's Small Wonder.

It's been quite a year of emotional healing. I owe a lot to all my new friends who share my joy of reading (and kitties, inclement weather, cooking, gardening and random musings). I love reading all your comments and visiting your blogs.

I'm thankful for the warmth of friendship I've discovered within the blogging community and treasure each and every one of you. I look forward to many more years of writing and fellowship.



  1. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Happy Blog Anniversary! I'm glad to have 'met' you and your blog is one of my favorites!

    And I'm glad to hear 'Small Wonder' is worth the read, as it's been sitting on my TBR shelf for a while now. I snagged a copy at one of the friends of the library sales I attended last year.

  2. Congratulations! A book-filled year... It is amazing how quickly the blogging community becomes important, isn't it? Here's to another good year!

  3. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Happy Bloggiversary! Only a year? I don't even remember how I came upon your blog but so glad we've "met". I love visiting your blog. Here's to many more blogging years!

  4. Nice posting, Les. I like to read of bloggers' writing anniversaries. I love your blog, dear friend.

  5. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Happy Blogversary. As you already know, you have done more for me than just provide thorough book reviews. Thanks for being helpful during some hard times. You, my friend, are the best!

  6. Happy one year blogging anniversay! Glad you are here...I enjoy reading your blog very much :)

  7. Happy blogiversary!

  8. Happy Anniversay to you and your blog! I have enjoyed getting to know you, Les. I look forward to the years to come as well. :)

  9. Happy anniversary! I always enjoy reading your blog :)

  10. Oh congratulations, Les. Where is that kitty? Some pictures please.

  11. Happy anniversary! And a day before Valentine's, too. Sweet. I wish you many more years of good reading and enthusiastic blogging.

  12. It may only be a year, but you blog like you've been blogging all your life. Happy blog anniversary!

  13. A milestone indeed. Here's to the next year!

  14. Happy Blogiversary, dearest Les!!!

    Thank you for all the joy, fun, information and happiness your blog brings us! I love coming here and I wish you many,many more years of wonderful reading and blogging! Thank you Les!

  15. Happy Bloggiversary! I always enjoy reading your blog and wish you many more years of good books and good blogging! :)

  16. Happy Anniversary! I liked Poisonwood Bible, I should check out Small Wonder.

  17. Happy Bloggiversary, Lesley!! :) You're blog is a delight to read and I look forward to many more years of your great blogging!

    And thank you for all your comments on my blog :)

  18. Happy anniversay, Les! Thank you for inspiring all of us and for helping to bring so many of us together in our love of reading and sharing serendipity.

  19. Anonymous8:18 PM

    A very happy anniversary to you! Looking forward to many, many more years chatting and sharing with you.

  20. Ah, the pleasure's been all ours, les. I'm so glad I was able to meet you, you are a true gift.

  21. Happy Belated One Year Blog-o-versary!!!!

  22. Thank you all for the great Anniversary wishes!

    Lesley - I hope you enjoy the book. As I mentioned in the review, it took quite a while to capture my interest, but I'm glad I kept at it.

    Jenclair - It is amazing how important all my "virtual" friends have become. Not so virtual when you think about it.

    Iliana - I'm not sure when or how I first "met" you either, but I'm grateful for whomever "introduced" us via their blog.

    Nan - Thank you, dear friend. I'm so glad you're a blogger now, too.

    Stephanie - I'm so glad I was able to help you. If I've learned anything this year and a half, it's how to help someone else deal with grief. It's too bad our society shies away from such a huge aspect of being human. I hope things are going better for you.

    Wendy - And I yours.

    Marg - Thank you!

    Joy - Likewise. And I'll be over to post my Nonfiction list soon. I haven't forgotten!

    Ex Libris - Yours is great, too.

    Janet - I'm so glad your blogging now, too. Hope you enjoyed the pics of Frankie. I posted them just for you. :)

    Kookiejar - Thanks so much.

    Bybee - Aw, you're sweet. Helps to have an editor in the house. :)

    Nat - Thanks. And thanks for your friendship. It seems like we go way back, doesn't it?

    Chris - I loved The Poisonwood Bible, as well as most of her other books. This collection of essays is nice in small doses, I think. Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way.

    Amelia - Thank you. I need to pop over to your blog again. It's been ages!

    Marcia - Aw, you're welcome. I'm glad you're a part of the blogging community now.

    Carl - Thanks!

    Bluestalking Reader - Thank so much. I suspect I'll be doing this for as long as I'm a reader.

    Bellezza - I'm so glad we met, too. You're one of my kindred spirits.

    Heather - Thanks so much.

  23. Karen & Lotus - Not sure how I missed your comments! Anyhow, thanks for the good wishes. I love visiting both of your blogs and admire the beauty within each (both in words and photographs).

  24. I just noticed I missed your blogiversary! Happy belated anniversary to you and your blog!

  25. Thanks for the belated wishes, Nancy. It's been a fun year of blogging!


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