February 22, 2007

A Stranger's House

A Stranger's House by Bret Lott
Contemporary Fiction
Quit on 2/17/07
Rating: DNF
2007 TBR Challenge (incomplete)

Book Description

For a long time, Claire and Tom Templeton have wished in vain for a child. What they have instead is a house, a charming old Cape that is their consolation. In the gray chill of a Massachusetts autumn, the Templetons and two local handymen, loners and eccentrics, work to rebuild the ramshackle home. As the house takes on a new life, Claire begins to understand its tangled history -- and to reconcile her own past and renew her hope for the future.

I really have nothing to say about this book. I didn't even make it to my 50-page cut off requirement, quitting after 42 pages. There is something very bleak and sinister about this novel. I enjoyed Jewel several years ago, but this book is heading off to the used book store. I think the evil rabbit was the final straw for this reader. Shudder.


  1. Evil rabbit? Oh, weird. What happened to the Thursday 13? I just remembered I forgot to ask in the post below.

  2. What a shame. I really liked Jewel, too.

  3. Nancy - The main character works in a lab where they use rabbits for testing. I didn't get too far but the description of one event with a rabbit was too disturbing for even me.

    I guess Thursday Thirteen was retired. It really doesn't bother me since I never linked to the actual site. I just like the idea behind it and will continue as long as I come up with ideas!

    Bybee - Yah, me too. I have another in my stacks by Lott that I'll try later this year.

  4. Anonymous6:48 PM

    I won't be reading this one... Evil rabbit?! I actually didn't like Jewel either. Hope you find a good book that you can finish :)

  5. Anonymous5:22 PM

    I've never read Jewel (and have no inclination to) but this one is sitting in my TBR stacks. Perhaps one of these days I'll get to it.

  6. Iliana - I did eventually settle in to a good book so things are looking up again. Phew!

    Lesley - I don't know how much I would enjoy Jewel now. I read it several years ago and quite honestly feel my reading taste has matured a bit since then. I only have a vague sense of the plot at this point now.

    As always, I'll be interested in your thoughts on A Stranger's House if you ever get around to reading it.


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