March 12, 2007


It just doesn't get much better than this. 75 degrees. Blue sky. Gentle breeze. No humidity. No pollen. Birds chirping. Shrimp bisque on the stove and a flank steak ready for the grill.

Here's to spring. A week early.



  1. man oh man. I think the whole country is happy today!!

    And the shrimp bisque sounds great! :)

  2. Stephanie6:39 PM

    OK, it's not quite that warm here yet (think almost 60) but I too got the grill going yesterday and grilled flank steak with a ginger soy lime marinade - yummy!

  3. Here's to spring!! The kids in my class have been ready for it for WEEKS! Their joy is contagious to us all, I think.

  4. I am sooo jealous. We have inches piled high of snow here. I rolled down the front stairs of my house just today from the ice. JEALOUS!

  5. Les,

    Just a note to let you know I've nominated you for a Thinking Blogger Award, after I was nominated (effectively tagged) by Random Jottings. The precedent is that now you'll nominate five other blogs, and you may copy the "tag" .gif file from my blog to yours.

    Thanks for all your lovely blogging!


  6. I LOVE SPRING! Goodbye cold, goodbye snow that at this point is dirty, goodbye bulky coats and shoveling sidewalks. We were only in the 60's but the sun was shining and it was a perfect day.

  7. Definitely looks like a perfect day in Nebraska! Our cars are all yellow, right now - just covered with pollen - and the humidity has finally caught up with us. I've caught and released two red wasps from inside the house. Darn, I miss winter. :)

  8. Lisa - It sure puts a smile on your face, doesn't it? I love warm weather!!

    The bisque was very good, but needs a little tweaking before I post it on my foodie blog. I need to work on making it thicker.

    Stephanie - Hey, 60 isn't too bad, is it? Much better than subzero or freezing, right? I've missed my grill. We usually grill all year long, bundling up when it's really cold out, but this year we just had too much snow on the deck.

    Bellezza - Yippee! I love spring! I'll bet your students are enjoying the nice weather and you're happy they can go outside again. ;)

    Nessie - We still have patches of snow here and there, if you can believe that. When it gets piled up so high, even the warmest weather can't melt it quickly enough. Sure looks ugly, too. Hope you didn't hurt yourself too badly slipping on that ice!

    Bluestalking - Thanks again for the lovely nomination. You made my day.

    Iliana - As I recall, March was a tough month for me (in Texas) with all the pollen. But I sure do love those pretty crepe myrtle trees! We can't grow them this far north, unfortunately.

    Booklogged - There's nothing quite like being able to head outside without a coat and gloves. Good-bye static cling! Hello shorts, sandals and a drink out on the porch.

    Nancy - It won't be long before we have all that messy yellow pollen all over everything! Our red bud and crabapple trees are so pretty in the spring, but boy do they put out a ton of pollen. Time to refill my Nasonex! Be careful with those wasps. Eeek!


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