March 13, 2007

You Like Me!

I'm a bad blogger. The lovely Bellezza was very kind and nominated me (almost a month ago!) for the Thinking Blogger Award and what did I do? Nothing. I commented on the post, thanking her for her thoughtfulness, and that was that. Did I post about it? Did I add the widget to my sidebar? Did I turn around and nominate five more bloggers? Nope. I have no excuse, so I simply offer up my sincere apologies to Bellezza.

Why, after all this time, do I feel motivated to participate in this meme now? Well, (says she sheepishly), I've been nominated again. I'm sure I would've been passed over by Lisa (an incredible reviewer and photographer) for a more deserving blog had she known I'd already received (and ignored) a nomination. But, no. Slacker that I am, I led her to believe I hadn't yet received such an honor. I feel like I've cheated somehow.

So why did I fail to uphold my end of this "pay-it-forward" type of award? Lazy? Too busy? To be perfectly honest, I think it's because it's a bit daunting to come up with a list of only five deserving blogs. I don't know about everyone else, but I peruse over 50 blogs on a daily basis. Relax. Of course, many of these blogs are fairly inactive; some are cooking blogs that only take a second to click on to see if the latest recipe is worth trying, and some are strictly photo blogs, again only requiring a very brief peek.

So how can I possibly limit my choice to only five? I have so many favorites that are incredibly thought-provoking and beautiful in design. And, (this is a biggy) how do I do this without hurting someone's feelings? Please know that I'd love to choose each and every one of you, but rules are rules.

And here they are:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.

2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.

3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote.

So, without further hesitation, my five nominations for the Thinking Blogger award are:

1. Letters from a Hill Farm - Nan and I have known each other for over 10 years now, and though we've never met face-to-face, I consider her one of my very best friends. I find her blog (and life) incredibly inspiring, from the beautiful photography of her land, home, garden and animals, to her delicious recipes, thought-provoking book reviews, beautiful quotes and the introduction to some fabulous music.

2. Cornflower - I can't remember when (or how) I first stumbled upon Karen's beautiful blog, but it's one of the first ones I look at every day. While not exclusively a photo-blog, I am truly in awe of the talent of this photographer. She has marvelous eye and is quite an inspiration to this very amateur photographer. I also enjoy her lovely book reviews and peeking into her garden and home, (particularly the kitchen with the Aga!). Her culinary posts are a foodie's delight.

3. Soule Mama - I have no idea how I came upon this blog, or for that matter, why I keep returning. I don't have small children at home and can barely thread a needle, so why the interest? Amanda is a young mother, living with her husband, three darling children, and pets near Portland, Maine. Not only is she one of the most crafty individuals I've encountered, she's also an incredibly talented photographer and writer (her book is set to be published in January 2008). Mostly, though, she's an inspiration to live a fuller, more meaningful life. I find peace and comfort in her daily words and I love the way she views the world around her. And I'm not the only one who feels this way about her blog. Her anniversary post received 512 comments! That's right. 512. The most comments I've ever received on a post was 32. Not that this is a contest or anything. Really.

4. Gluten-Free-Girl - I came across Shauna's blog (via Soule Mama's) a few months ago. We don't travel in the same blog circles and I'm fairly certain she's never visited mine, so I'm not sure what she'll think when a stranger presents her with this nomination. However, I am completely in awe of her writing, photography, zest for life (and cooking). I do not suffer from celiac and have no need to eliminate gluten from my diet, yet I'm inspired to prepare healthier meals and improve my lifestyle. Shauna is an incredible writer (she is in the process of having her cookbook published) and I've enjoyed following the romantic life she shares with "Chef" (the post about how they became engaged is one of the best "romances" I've ever read!), the setting of which takes place in one of my all-time favorite cities, Seattle.

5. Bookfoolery and Babble - Nancy's blog was one of the first to make it up on my blogroll. Again, another fabulous photographer who shares my love for nature and wildlife. I read and enjoyed each and every post on her Alaska Trip blog, and now look forward to posts on her current photo blog (Recent Developments in the Boonies). She, Bellezza and Nan are my long-lost sisters. We have so much in common, it's almost scary! While Nancy/Bookfool and I don't usually read the same sort of books, I enjoy her well-written and provocative reviews, occasionally adding a title to my TBR list.

So there you have it. Thank you, Lisa, not only for honoring me with your nomination, but for giving me a mental kick in the rear to get moving on this. And thanks again, Bellezza, for the first nomination. Better late than never, right?


  1. Your post made me laugh. Congratulations on receiving such a nice compliment(s)!

  2. Thanks, Les!

    I can see why you put off nominating anyone. It is rather daunting (and you've already been nominated twice, darn it, so I can't nominate you or Andi - darn, darn, darn). Loved your post and thanks so much for the very kind remarks. Long-lost sisters with divergent book taste, that's us. LOL

    Congrats on your two nominations and thanks for passing the joy on. I'll have to meditate on this one. :)

  3. Les, you're too kind! Thankyou so much.

  4. Anonymous3:41 PM

    You may have stumbled on Soulemama through my craft blog. I am a Soulemama addict. Amanda is like the ultimate mother figure - caring, loving and being happy just taking care of her family. Great and well deserved nomination!

  5. les, I know just what you mean when you write about hurting feelings. That is a VERY awful part about this meme; I still feel badly that I just didn't go ahead, make it six nominations, and include Atavist. Sigh...However, I did enjoying visiting your five. While being amazed you visit 50! It is great being your Blogging Buddy, and thanks for participating in this Hopefully Not Hurtful To Anyone Award.

    p.s. Long lost sisters? Yes, indeed.

  6. Heather - Happy to entertain you! ;)

    Nancy - It is daunting, isn't it? You'll do fine. You have lots of great bloggers to choose from. Nothing wrong with taking your time though, right?

    Karen - You're more than welcome (and very deserving!).

    Stephanie - You're right!! Now I remember. Thanks. And I agree. She is quite the example of a good, nurturing mama.

    Bellezza - I almost listed 10 since I was nominated twice. Made sense, but I decided I better play by the rules. ;) Definitely long-lost sisters.

  7. Anonymous9:02 AM

    What a great compliment and so well deserved! I'm going to check out the blogs you mentioned. They all sound wonderful. Well, actually I already read Nancy's and yes love it too :)

  8. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Those are some great blogs you nominated! I'll have to go check out the new-to-me ones. :)

  9. Thank you so much. I'm honored. Truly.

  10. Iliana - Thank you. Let me know what you think of those other blogs. Well, only if you like them! ;)

    Lesley - And I need to add them to my blogroll. Since I have them bookmarked on Firefox, I forget that others can't discover them until I add their links. Enjoy your perusing.

    Shauna - You're very welcome (and deserving). I anxiously await the publication of your cookbook!


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