July 18, 2007

Where In the World Is Lesley? (Day Eight)

Itinerary: At anchor in Roche Harbor
Weather: Overcast, changing to rain & fog all day (extended stay due to dense fog); cool 58-60
Entertainment: Monitored marine radio for vessels approaching Roche Harbor in fog.
Entertaining transmissions as one boat blindly led another into the harbor:

"I believe there's a small vessel on my starboard quarter that you'll want to watch for."

"Um, that would be me."

"Oh. OK, thanks, Cap."

"No worries. Just that everything I own is riding on your good navigation"

"Thanks, Cap. I'll buy you a drink when we get in!"

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So, this is what you get when you cross a scooter with a lawnmower.

The magic of summer may be something best seen by a child,
but that does not mean that it must inevitably vanish.
Ann Lamott

Grandpa, make it stop raining!

Waiting for the fog to lift.

Summer is a time of stillness,
if only we have the ears to hear it.
And with stillness come broad spaces
and long reaches of time—those expanses of infinity
that both swallow up our own small selves
and bear us out into the grand universe.
Richard Jefferies

Warming up by the fireplace.


  1. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Aren't madrona trees amazing? When I first moved here I thought they were big rhododendron bushes gone to tree-size.
    I love when their red bark starts flaking.

  2. Les, your pictures (on all these posts) are so very beautiful! I especially like the rain ones, somehow. It looks like you're having a wonderful time, and I'm so happy for you.

  3. It's so fun thinking of you in the San Juan Islands. I had to talk a blue streak to get my family around to Roche Harbor and then we just drove by the pretty resort. There are multiplied problems when traveling with a large group - my mother, her seven children and 3 spouses!

  4. Les, it's so fun to think of you in the San Juan Islands. Isn't Roche Harbor beautiful. Hope the weather starts to cooperate. I loved madrona trees, the picture you took is great. In fact, I'm getting pleasure from all your pics.

  5. Beautiful pics!!! Wow! Found your blog from another while searching for book review blogs. I'll definately be back. Visit my new blog if you can.

  6. Anonymous - Yes, there certainly are! They remind me of manzanita bushes.

    Bellezza - Thank you so much for you sweet compliment. Now that I'm home, it's fun to see the pictures on my big monitor rather than the small screen on our laptop. What a difference!

    You know, the rain was rather pleasing. It wasn't terribly heavy, nor was it cold, so we were still able to enjoy our sightseeing.

    We had a fabulous time. Kind of hard to come back to the heat and humidity. It's 95 degrees today. And not an ocean (technically speaking it's a "sound" and not the ocean) in sight. Sigh.

    Candleman - Roche Harbor is very nice, but I actually prefer Friday Harbor. It's not quite as "resorty" and is home to 4 bookstores. RH is more for the yachting types. We're the old wooden boat (with minor leaking issues) type. ;)

    Sounds like you are having a wonderful trip. I need to spend some time catching up on your travel blog! Thanks for stopping by mine.

    Booklogged - What a pleasant surprise to get a comment from your husband. The trip is but a memory now that we've been home for a couple of days. I have a few more posts I want to write so I can share my final pictures with everyone. The weather didn't really improve, but we still had a great time. It wouldn't be the PNW without the drizzle. It didn't both me in the least.

    Lucy - Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you've enjoyed the pictures. Thank goodness for digital. I'd hate to figure out how much I wouldn't spent on film developing! I'll head over and visit your blog shortly. Take care.

  7. I'm really enjoying your posts from the Northwest! The photos are beautiful...you've really captured the beauty of this area.

  8. Robin - I'm so envious of you! How we'd love to live somewhere in the PNW. I know you weren't too happy about the heatwave a few weeks ago, but it made for four happy cruisers. Of course, then it rained and felt more like November than July, but I didn't mind -- too much. ;)


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