July 14, 2007

Where In the World Is Lesley? (Day Four)

Itinerary: Cap Sante (Anacortes) to Friday Harbor (San Juan Island)
Cruising Time: 3 hours
Weather: Sunny and warm
Pages Read: 0
Relaxation Level: Calm with the exception of one rough passing through Upright Channel between Shaw Island and Lopez Island (due to confluence of currents).

Reflective Morning in Cap Sante

Lands End

Cap Sante Cove

Kiss me, you fool!


Tending the fenders.

Don't worry about a thing. Just a little rough water.

Rough current.

Must be rough.

Lady Mick's Personal Chef

Welcome to Friday Harbor, home of FOUR bookstores!

Boat lust.

Click on pictures for full-size view.


  1. I LOVE Friday Harbor and the rest of San Juan Island - enjoy!!!

  2. Anonymous3:09 PM


    I'm really enjoying being "on vacation" with you. I am getting a kick out of your pictures and your captions. Did you go to the four bookstores - huh huh! I'm drooling with envy for that and just for your experiences on this beautiful boating vacation.

    Linda Huson

  3. Love the caption "Boat Lust"! :)

    Glad you're having a great time.

  4. Jen Jackson6:24 PM

    If you could only see me now. I'm pea green with envy. Glad you're having such a great time. The girls wait for you to get back. Tell everyone 'Hi' from us.


  5. What great photos! I love "Kiss Me You Fool" and "Gotcha"! Looks as if you are having a wonderful time.

  6. What, no pictures of the bookstores? :)

    Love the water. Love the hammock in the trees. Love the picture of the cook. I hope the recipients are counting their blessings when they sit down to their meals. Not everyone is so lucky to have such a good chef along.

  7. Les, I don't know when I'll be able to go on a vacation like the one you're on so thank you for letting us live vicariously through you! Enjoying the pictures, they are awesome, thank you for sharing!

  8. How does one town support 4 bookstores? Is it particularly literary?? Did you visit each one? Did each have a different focus? Please tell more.

  9. SuziQ - I do, too! Roche Harbor is nice, too, but VERY pricey. I prefer Friday Harbor. It's more laid-back.

    Linda - Glad you're enjoy our trip. :) I visited 3 of the 4 bookstores. Even made a few purchases.

    Joy - I like the caption, too. It would've been better, though, if I'd shown more of the boat.

    Jen - It's been great fun. I'll have lots more pictures to share when we get home. Hope Maddie and Emily are enjoying the wildlife shots.

    Jenclair - I've had lots of fun watching all the heron. Such graceful birds!

  10. Bellezza - I'm going to write up an entry for all the bookstores we visit along the way. Stay tuned. :)

  11. Lotus - Glad to help. Anytime! :)

  12. You know, the next nice day - I am going to have to jump on our little whale watching boat here and go over the Friday Harbor for the day -- haven't been there for two years now - only made it to Orcas and Lopez last year. I am enjoying your travelogue and yearning for my favorite places!

  13. Nan - Hmmm, not sure where my reply to your comment disappeared to. I'll try again. I'm not sure how Friday Harbor supports so many bookstores. It doesn't have as many as Sidney, B.C. though. They have 8 or 9!! Must be a lot of islanders who love to read. Kind of makes sense, I suppose. If I lived on an island, I'd much rather sit outside and read rather than stay indoors and watch tv or movies.

    I visited 3 of the 4 stores in Friday Harbor. I'll post a more detailed blog entry about them at a later date.

    Beachreader - Happy to entertain you! :)


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