July 15, 2007

Where In the World Is Lesley? (Day Five)

Itinerary: Friday Harbor (San Juan Island)
Cruising Time: In port
Weather: Light rain in a.m., clearing to sunny skies and hot (90), cooling down to 60 by evening.
Pages Read: 2
Relaxation Level: Mellow

Airplane Thing (pitot tube)

Going up?

(aka Cartoon Dog or Not-A-Poodle!)

Perhaps it is just these insubstantial flights of fancy
that will sustain us in the present
and—if we cherish them—
guide us into the future.
Charles C. Abbott

Guess they got away.

My morning visitor.

Up, up and away...

S.V. Adventuress
110 ft. masts

I must go down to the seas again,
to the lonely sea and the sky,
And all I ask is a tall ship
and a star to steer her by.
John Masefield

Beer Pulls

Front Street Ale House
Delicious Crab Cake Croissant Sandwich!

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  1. These are GREAT, GREAT photographs. And nice captions, as well. What a neat thing to post pics from your trip. On Kay's blog what did you mean by a blogger book??

  2. Oh we LOVE the Front Street Ale House!! have a beer for me!

  3. Looks like you've been having a fantastic trip! Great pictures!

  4. Nan - Thank you!! I love my new camera. It makes it so easy to take nice shots.

    To answer your question, there's a company that will create a bound book of your blog. I'll send you the details after we return to NE. Remind me, though!

    SuziQ - I'll definitely want to go back next time we visit. Great food!

    Kirsten - Thanks. It's been loads of fun, so far.

  5. You found our favorite place to eat in Anacortes! They have great Blues there as well!

  6. Or am I mistaken - was that Friday Harbor -- I am getting my Ale Houses mixed up! LOL Not that I get to many of them (am I giving myself away here? The one in Anacortes has the blues, the one in Friday Harbor has the oozy, squishy messy delicious sandwiches! And great ales! And weren't you surprised at all the bookstores in Friday Harbor? I hope you get to the ones on Lopez Island and Orcas!!

  7. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Wow Les! Have you ever considered becoming a professional photographer! You take some beautiful and interesting pictures. I love the one of the leaf on the water the best. But I also loved "Our Lady of Good Voyage" and the lantern hanging there.

    Linda in VA

  8. Awww@ the morning visitor!

    Lovely pics! What camera do you use, Les?

  9. Maudeen - You wouldn't believe the humorous conversation we all had on the boat about your confusion about the pub in Friday Harbor versus Anacortes. It was like a "Who's on first" routine. Yes, it was Friday Harbor, not Anacortes. Which place were you thinking of in Anacortes (with the great Blues)? We ate at Captain's Place right at the marina. It was funky and great food. The pub in FH is the one with the messy sandwiches! Funny that you mentioned that, as that was something my dad said as we ordered our lunches.

    Yes, I was surprised that Friday Harbor had so many bookstores. We were in Sidney yesterday and day before and they have even more! 8 or 9, I believe.

    Turns out we're not going to Lopez or Orcas. That was the original plan before we decided to hit some of the Canadian gulf islands. Next time...

    Linda - You are far too kind! I think a lot of my success with the photos on this trip is due to the fabulous subject matter and our wonderful new camera. Makes it all so very easy. But thank you. I'm quite flattered. Oh, and the leaf picture is one of my favorites so far, too.

    Lotus - We bought an Olympus E410 with the twin lens kit. One lens is 40-150 and the other 14-42. I love the zoom ability, especially for those eagle shots. And the macro for the floral shots is perfect. There's little if any shutter lag time. Oh, it also has a burst mode, which is helpful for those speedy seals that tend to dive the minute they see you with camera in hand!

  10. Les, The place in Anacortes in the Rockfish Grill http://www.anacortesrockfish.com/. Tiger prawns to die for and their salads mmmmm -- and great ale and like I said great Blues -- on Commercial Street in Old Anacortes. LOL about the Ale house confusion! I may get a reputation.

    OK this is making me hungry/thirsty. I am seriously thinking about heading up there next weekend. I love the Anacortes antique stores as well. .

  11. Beachreader - We didn't spend too much time in Anacortes. Had a nice dinner but spent most of the evening out on the boat. The next morning I wandered around the waterfront, pretty much just watching the blue herons and taking pics of kelp, rocks, etc. We had a long day of cruising ahead of us and didn't want to delay too long.


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