July 11, 2007

Where In the World Is Lesley? (Day One)

Lincoln to Seattle via Dallas/Fort Worth
Seattle Weather: Sunny and hot (95 degrees!)

Look who got to meet us at the DFW airport for a quick visit!

Who says you can't live aboard and have a garden?

Nautical stuff.

Our v-berth, which doubles as a wine cellar. Perfect!

I awoke to the rhythmic sound of oars slapping against the water.

Have laptop will travel.


  1. I knew you could find a way to have a gardon on board! I love the pictures of you both with your lovely daughter, and doesn't the "living room" look wonderful? I could escape there forever! The slapping of the oars is the next best thing to waking up by the rustling of the aspens. In my opinion. I hope you're getting lots of rest, mixed with appropriate amound of adventure!

  2. Soooooooooooooo cool! Looks like you are having loads of fun!!!

  3. These are great! I do hope you'll post more as you go along. :)

  4. So gorgeous out there. You may not want to come home!

  5. Wow. Love the pics. I didn't realize you'd have your laptop - glad I accidentally hit your link while blog-hopping.

  6. If you have the time when you're at Friday Harbor - we've rented mopeds there and toured the island that way - tons of fun.

  7. Amy Jackson2:28 PM

    im glad i got to see you guys!!!! &hears; you!!!!!!

  8. Bellezza - Thanks. It's been a lot of fun. Hard to even think about heading home next week. :(

    Heather - We are! We are!

    Nat - I hope I'm not posting too many! It's easy to get carried away. ;)

    SuziQ - We're having a ball. Didn't get a chance to rent the mopeds, but we did walk around quite a bit. Good to stretch our legs after being aboard for a long stretch.

    Kookiejar - I'll have to drag my husband, kicking and screaming, I'm afraid.

    Bookfool - Glad you noticed my posts! I'm having fun with our new camera. :)

    Amy - We're glad you could, too! It was great, although short. Next time... :) Love you, too, Sweetie.


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