July 12, 2007

Where In the World Is Lesley? (Day Two)

Itinerary: Seattle to Port of Edmonds
Weather: Cloudy, clearing to sunny afternoon skies (75)

A relaxing day spent shopping for provisions, followed by a leisurely stroll through a nearby community garden before getting underway.

Eastlake P-Patch (Community Garden)

I'm ready to create a garden like this. Just need the cooler climate!

Busy Bee

FRESH blackberries. Yum!


Requesting permission to land, Captain.

Captain Mike

Aurora Bridge

More nautical stuff (Block & Tackle)

I love tugboats!

First port of call

Paging Dr. McDreamy

Beautiful, beautiful, glad I am here!

Miles traversed (on foot) to locate an OPEN ice cream store in Edmonds: 500 (or so it felt). Outcome: Cranky husband.

Pages Read: Zero!

Relaxation Level: Extremely High

Click on pictures for full-size view.


  1. I'm so glad you're having fun! And such beautiful pictures! Stay safe!

  2. Lovely photos! It looks like you're having a wonderful time!

  3. What do I notice the most? Beautiful hands holding the berries! (Mine are very wrinkled, which, at least doesn't hold true for my face.) It looks so very lovely; I am a big fan of the ocean!

  4. Did McDreamy answer his page? :<)

    I love all the photos, but I am SO not a nautical girl. I like my feet on the ground.

    I LOVE blackberries, but we are "making do" with raspberries these days. Ha! (as Kay says)

  5. Heather - Thank you. We'll do our part. ;)

    Nat - Thank you. The new camera's wonderful. Very nice for the wildlife.

    Bellezza - Those berries were so tasty. Oh, and you saw the bottoms of my hands, not the tops!

    Nan - Not this time. ;)

    Glad you're enjoying the photos. Love my new camera!!

  6. Raspberries have always been my favorite fruit, UNTIL I tasted blackberries in the northwest. I thought we would find them in the northeast, but it's still too early in the Maritime Provinces.

  7. Booklogged - I may have to agree with you. Those blackberries were so very good, but I thought maybe they were because they were fresh off the bush (and warmed in the sun - very juicy!). I'll have to try some from our market and compare.

    Enjoy your travels!!


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