August 12, 2007

A Month In Review - July

This almost isn't worth the time to compose! Suffice it to say, I didn't get much reading accomplished due to the wonderful 2-week vacation we recently took. Instead of curling up with a book, I took pictures. Lots of pictures! Pictures of eagles, seals, sunrises, log rafts, gorgeous boats, flowers, kelp, heron and gulls, ferries, clouds, food and beer, dogs and cats, flags and beacons, mansions and cottages, tugboats and lighthouses, bridges, float planes, hotels, ships and submarines, and nautical "stuff." If you haven't seen the pictures, scroll down. There's plenty to keep you entertained.

However, if you're here just for the book reviews, maybe August will be an improvement. Click on the titles to read the reviews (and view the ratings).

The Rest of Her Life by Laura Moriarty
A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

Favorite of the Month: A Walk in the Woods
Books Read 2
Male Authors 1
Female Authors 1
New-To-Me Authors 1
Across the Borders 0
Fiction 1
Nonfiction 1
Classic 0
Poetry 0
Young Adult 0
Sci-Fi 0
Fantasy 0
Humor 0
Travel 1
Mystery/Thriller 0
Series 0
Re-read 0
Challenge 2
Mine 2
Library 0
Gift 0
Keeper 0


  1. I loved seeing your pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them. :)

  2. As long as you had a fabulous vacation then that's what counts! :)
    Loved seeing all of your pics although I'm super jealous now. ha,ha.

  3. Nat - I'm so pleased with everyone's comments about the pictures. I was afraid I'd gone a little overboard with the "vacation pictures on the blog" thing!

    Iliana - Sorry to make you jealous. Stay tuned for more next month when we go to Oregon for a week! ;)


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