August 13, 2007

Pacific Northwest Flowers

More pictures from Seattle's Eastlake P-Patch. Any plant names or corrections will be greatly appreciated!





California Poppy
(Eschscholzia californica)

Shasta Daisy
(Chrysanthemum maximum)

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Love the snail - very clever.

  2. Beautiful flowers and such unique ways of displaying them!

    I've given you an award and you may "pick it up" here:


  3. Beautiful photos and interesting blog(s). Thanks...

  4. Okay, and how does one know the name of a flower like you do? I would have put: flower with white petals. Flower with pink petals. Flower with orange petals...

  5. Soooo pretty! Bellezza has me laughing. Do you have a book you look them up in?

  6. These are lovely! The ones in the boots are cute! :)

  7. I have to say, I've been admiring your vacation photos but I'm finally inspired to comment, by that critter made out of bike chain. That is so totally awesome! I want one in the worst possible way.

  8. Ha! I love the boot planters. Maybe I'll fill B's old sneakers with flowers while he's gone.

    Nah, it'd probably kill 'em.

    Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing, Les!

  9. Booklogged - I love the snail, too! Someone could make a nice little hobby out of that sort of thing, selling them to garden stores, don't you think?

    Nan - I had so much fun wandering around that garden patch, getting all sorts of ideas for things I'd like to plant in our yard. Glad you enjoyed the pics. And thank you so much for my award! You're so nice. :)

    Gary - Thanks for stopping by. Always nice to see a new visitor here. Glad you enjoyed this blog (and my others?). Take care.

    Bellezza - ROTFLMAO! You cracked me (and Rod) up!

    Bookfool - Yah, she had me laughing pretty hard, too. And, yes, I have to confess, I have 3 books that I thumbed through, searching for the names. I knew a few of the common names (Shasta Daisy and California Poppy), but was unsure of some of the others.

    Nat - I thought they were so pretty and so nicely displayed. Lots of cute little yard "ornaments" which made it such a cheerful place to visit.

    Kookiejar - Thank you for your sweet words about my pictures. It's been so much fun sharing them with all of you! I agree -- that snail is so creative!! I'll bet it wouldn't be too difficult to copy.

    Andi - Hmmm, maybe red sneakers with blue or white flowers would look pretty cute. People are so imaginative. I'd never think to try something like the boots or the rusty chain.


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