August 17, 2007

Olympus Evolt E410 10MP Digital SLR

I've had several inquiries about the camera we used on our recent trip. It's an Olympus E410 Digital SLR with 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 and 40-150mm f/4.0-5.6 Zuiko Lenses. We absolutely love it! You can read more about it here.


  1. Anonymous11:01 AM

    WOW - love it! I have a kodak. It's good, but I'd like something better.

  2. j. kaye - Thanks for stopping by. You really can't go wrong with this camera. I know a little bit about exposure times/f-stops, but I don't have to think about any of that with this camera. It does most of the work.

  3. This is the camera that H has and he really likes it. I'm not using an SLR yet but am quite tempted by the newest E510.

  4. I was just reading a camera magazine, this weekend, and told David I thought you had the 410! Ha! It sounds like a great camera, from what I read. I'm already anxious to upgrade. Things are changing so quickly in the world of digital cameras!

  5. Nat - I think Smart Computing is doing a write-up on the E510. I'll have to check with the editor (aka my husband!). As far as using the SLR, I'm sticking to all the automatic features of the E410, at least for right now. I never been able to get a good grip on the whole f-stop thing and I don't like to take the time to think it through if I don't need to. I sure do like being able to switch to a different lens, though!

    Bookfool - I should've know you read camera magazines! Sheesh. No wonder you're such a pro!

    Yep, digital cameras are a bit like computers. Practically outdated by the time you get them out of their box!


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