August 16, 2007

Pacific Northwest Flowers (Part II)

These are from the Roche Harbor gardens:

Hydrangea Macrophylla

Hydrangea Aspera

Red-Yellow Kangaroo Paw
Anigozanthos 'Harmony'

Angel's Trumpet
Brugmansia aurea

Anyone care to help identify these plants?

Click on photo for full-size view.


  1. Kristina5:35 PM

    Hi Les,
    Just want to say that I have really enjoyed seeing the pictures from your trip! And that I'm sorry, but I can't help you with the identification of the plants :)

  2. Kristina - Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying the pics. I have a few more... ;)

  3. Yes, fourth one down is kangaroo paw, a native Australian plant, so named because the flowers look like the paws of kangaroos!

    The fifth one down looks like an every day common Scotch Thistle but I can't be sure.

  4. Kimbobo - Thank you!! I "googled" kangaroo paw and came up with the specific name for the plant pictured. As far as the Scotch Thistle, I'm not quite sure either. We have a similar thistle here in Nebraska. It's a noxious weed (musk thistle) and I'm pretty sure the plant in the picture is something else. It was in a beautiful garden and I doubt they'd allow a weed to get that large! Plus, the buds look a little bit different than an ordinary thistle. But I sure appreciate your help and effort! Thanks for stopping by. I need to get back to your blog - I've been a bit lazy with my blog-hopping this summer.


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