December 1, 2007

Introducing Annie

I had hoped to get some new outdoor pictures of Annie, but it's been sleeting since 2 a.m. and it's all we can do to get her to go outside to potty! However, I have a few shots from earlier in the week that I thought I could share. But first, more about our new doggy!

Her name is Annie. She was originally called Socks, but neither Rod nor I cared too much for that name, so Tuesday she became Annie. She's between 3 and 4 and weighs about 50 lbs. The vet says she's probably a mix of shepherd and retriever, near as she can tell. She's very healthy and just an absolute sweetheart. We got her from our friends who live just outside of Kansas City, Missouri. She's basically been a stray, staying close to their home (they moved down there this summer) and their neighbor's, both of whom live on acreages. Nobody really owned her, but at least two households fed and watered her. One of the neighbors has a male lab and he (the dog) got Annie pregnant - the pups were born 3 months ago - all were given away after they were weaned - the last one to go was that cute little black puppy in the first set of pictures (the other little dog is Stoley, our friends' Yorkie).

So, Miss Annie arrived here the day after Thanksgiving. It was probably Annie's first car ride and she did quite well. Just a bit shaky at first and then she settled down and didn't whimper or whine. Actually, we've yet to hear her bark! And she doesn't seem to know how to play with any of the dog toys we got. She's probably never had any.

She's done so well inside during the afternoon and night when we're home. No potty accidents! The vet says she's probably so used to going outside that she wouldn't think to go inside. She's used to grass, dirt, leaves, etc. But, oh, she loves her bed and often times will go upstairs (it's in our bedroom) and curl up on it even though we're downstairs. She seems quite happy with her new home. I know we're both thrilled to have her!

She's definitely a calm dog, but she's beginning to show a bit more personality and liveliness. I think it's just taking her time to settle in and get used to us and our routine. We haven't had much success with the leash, though. I've got some small treats that I'm going to use to reward her when she has the leash on. So far she'll wear it, but she lies down and won't budge. She doesn't seem to be afraid of it when it's just on the floor (I put it near her food & water so she'd get used to seeing it), but she seems scared to wear it. I'm sure this will all work itself out eventually. I'm anxious to take her on walks, but she has to be on a leash.

We really have no idea what her story is, but she's very sweet and docile. Yesterday was her first day home alone in the house. We'd been putting her in the backyard while at work, but Thursday I came home and she wasn't in the yard! I went back in the house and noticed her out on the front porch!! Apparently, she can jump the fence. I guess it just took her a few days to figure it out. Thank goodness she stuck around (or came back home!) and didn't get hit by a car (or picked up by Animal Control!). So she stayed inside yesterday with both tvs on (upstairs and downstairs) for company. Rod came home around 11 to check on her and take her out to potty. I got home around 1:15 and she was fine. We have a blanket on the couch since she likes to sleep up there. I've decided not to make it a rule to keep her off. It doesn't hurt anything and I can fold the blanket up when we have company.

And now the pictures!

Sweet puppy!

Does this collar make me look fat?

Don't worry. I'm not sad. That's just my look.

This is my good side.

Enough already with the pictures!


  1. She looks like such a sweet dog. I'm sure she's happy to have a real home. It was great that you took her in. I hate to see stray dogs. Good luck with her. I bet Santa will be bringing her lots of new toys and treats!

  2. Welcome Annie! You know I'm more of a cat person but she does look very calm and gentle. :)

  3. I always say those who have been abandoned love the most.

    We, too, have a puppy we rescued. He's part shepherd and part Husky, with one blue eye and one brown. He is the joy of our home, truly dogs are one of God's gifts. (We named him Henry; isn't it funny we've both named our dogs human names?)

    You and Annie look lovely together!

  4. She's beautiful! How does she get along with the cat? I wish I could talk John into a dog . . .

  5. Oh, she is just wonderful. I love her at first sight! And I'm so glad you and Rod have a dog. I think you were all meant to be together. You know how well our Ben worked out.

  6. Awwwww, Annie is adorable!! I just wanna snuggle up to her.

  7. Lynne - She's very sweet, but don't let that cute face deceive you. She's also quite intelligent and strong-willed. We've been battling fence jumping and digging out from her chain-link kennel these past few days. She's perfectly content inside, but there are times when she has to be outside when we're not home. We'll figure something out!

    Nat - She's very calm and gentle, at least when she's inside. See above. :)

    Bellezza - Congrats on your rescued puppy! When did you get him? I'd love to see a picture someday if yu get a chance. Oh, and I love that name! We always use human names for our pets. We've had cats named Frankie, Henry, Charlie, Bob and Ralph. Dogs named Sidney and Sam.

    Maudeen - Long story short. Frankie had to go. He turned out to be quite ferral (sp?) and wound up biting us quite a bit. It was a tough decision, but we couldn't train him to stop biting. He was a farm cat, so who knows...

    Nan - I knew you would. I wish she had more land to run on, though. Once we get her used to the leash, I think she'll be happier. Although, I think she's quite content just lying about on the couch watching CNN while we're at work. ;)

    Andi - She loves to snuggle. Just the perfect size to share the couch with me.

  8. sassymonkey4:07 PM

    Aw. What a cute doggie. :)

  9. Les, we rescued him four years ago from a Chicago Shelter. He was let out on the highway with his brothers and sisters if you can imagine such a thing! My son fell immediately in love, and "going to look" quickly became "bring him home." He's part Husky, so he has a blue eye and a brown eye which is almost disarming the first time you see him. He gets lots of praise on the riverwalk by our home.

    But, the terrible thing is he's developed seizures, and we're scared to death of losing him. Last night, in fact, he had two severe ones. I cry, my son stand by, and my husband holds Henry. It's just a mess when you love an animal so much.

    We named him Henry from the children's book "Henry and Ribsy" by Beverly Cleary; choosing the boy's name over the dog's however.

    I'll post a picture sometime because he is quite special to us, and I'd love to "show him off." Well, he is really a spectacle, not eye candy. :)

  10. Quite adorable! Congratulations!

  11. Sassy - Thanks! She's quite a sweetheart. We lucked out.

    Bellezza - I'm sorry Henry is having problems with seizures! How scary for you (and him!). I hope you can find some treatment for these and that he lives a long, happy life. Can't wait to see a picture of him!

  12. Carl - She's even more adorable now that she's had a bath. No more matting under the ears and tail. :) She even had her nails done. Nice to have a clean doggy up on the couch. ;)


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