December 17, 2007

Meme Monday!

I so rarely have time to participate in all the memes I come across, but since my reading time is way down this year (and thus, not many reviews each month), I thought I'd give this one a whirl.

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago:

- Living on 3 acres just outside of Lincoln, Nebraska
- Trying desperately to sell the house and join my husband in Fort Worth, Texas.
- Dealing with a leaky roof, discovered just days before the walk-thru inspection after finally selling the house.
- Stressing about the move, already missing all our friends in Nebraska. (Little did I know we'd be back in a couple of years!)
- Consoling our 14-year-old daughter who did not want to move. (Gee, look who's still living happily in Texas now?)

5 Things on my To-Do List today:

- Mail Christmas cards
- Dust (It's December, right?)
- Order ham for 12/31
- Ironing
- Write birthday thank you notes

5 Things I would do if I were a millionaire:

- Move here (Preferably here, although it's no longer for sale. Drat!)
- Travel here and here
- Continue to work in a bookstore (maybe here)
- Pay off Amy's student loans
- Start a trust fund for our granddaughter

5 Things I'll never wear again (or have never worn):

- Stirrup pants
- Headbands
- Ski boots
- Pantyhose
- Permed hair

5 Favorite Toys:

- MiniCooper
- Olympus E-410 Camera
- iPod
- Kayak
- Computer

It's such a busy time of year, I'm not going to officially tag anyone. If you want to play, you're tagged.


  1. I'd happily live in that house at that location too! And Italy would definitely be on my list of travel destinations! Fun to read your answers. :)

  2. Ooh permed hair - I have vowed never to do that to my hair again! :)
    These were fun.

  3. You've been a busy blogger this weekend! I think I'll use the meme on my MySpace blog. I hope I can remember what I was doing ten years ago! :)

    Happy belated birthday!!

  4. That was a fun one, Les. I have a difficult time remembering what I was doing 10 DAYS ago let alone 10 years ago though. We do have a dream location to live in common though with the recent ferry woes I am beginning to have second thoughts.

  5. Yeah, I'd live there if I could. LOL That was fun reading. I permed my hair, once - actually, just a very gentle body wave intended to keep from having to train the curls in the right direction. It was a disaster. My hair is already naturally curly and I got the finger-in-the-light-socket-frizz look out of it. Yikes! Never again.

  6. Gee, Les, I'm sorry I bought that San Juan Island home before you got to it. You'll have to come visit us there! JK I wish I was serious. Isn't that a beautiful home and such a lovely spot!

  7. Anonymous5:17 AM

    Great list. I did this one a few days ago. It's really hard to come up with some of the answers - especially the 10 years ago one!

  8. Nat - Isn't that the coolest house?! I hope to get to Italy someday. My husband isn't interested, so maybe in a few years I can convince some of my girlfriends to join me for my 50th birthday. Glad you enjoyed reading my answers.

    Iliana - Yah, perming my hair is a big waste of time and money. It lasts about 2 weeks.

    Janet - Well, 10 years ago you were working at Store 48 on Hulen, right? You were just about to meet me. :) Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was a lovely week-long celebration.

    Maudeen - Yah, well, I can remember 10 years ago. Just don't ask me what I did 10 minutes ago!! My short-term memory is really bad these days.

    Ah, who needs ferries. We just need to hire a private pilot. :)

    Nancy - Wouldn't that be a cool place to live and run an author's retreat of sorts? Ah, I've never had frizzy hair due to a perm. They just don't last very long on me. Same with using a curling iron. I have very straight hair!!

  9. Booklogged - Well, I guess it couldn't hurt to start playing the lottery, right? Ya never know. Maybe I could make the owners an offer they can't refuse. ;)

    Lynne - It was a fun meme. I need to do more of these!

  10. Not interested in Italy?? Unbelievable! ;P

  11. Well of course I was about to meet you...I just didn't know it! :)

  12. Nat - He really has no interest in traveling overseas. Well, maybe with the exception of Scotland.


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