December 19, 2007

Winter Shadows


  1. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Lovely haunting images, Les. Your talents never cease.


  2. ...and that is precisely why I love Winter best. Could there be a more cozy, quiet, lovely time? You captured it perfectly in the beauty of your home and the shadows in your photographs. (Is this the same woman who's willing to beat up my enemies? :)

  3. What amazing images. I absolutely love them. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Beautiful! These shadows that you've captured create such a peaceful mood.

  5. I love them, especially the lace of the curtains and the "wibbly" glass look of the last one. The table looks so Christmasy.

  6. Gayla - Thank you. It was a fun little photo essay. Nice when I don't have a review to post. :)

    Bellezza - Oh, I love the coziness of winter, but I really dislike being cold. It's been far too nippy here (although probably not as cold as your area) and the dry air is beginning to wear on my patience. Dry lips, hands, hair, argh!!! I find the house is dustier and the dog hair almost impossible to be rid of. Oh well, summer's just a few months off, right? ;)

    cj - Thank you so much for your sweet words. It was my pleasure.

    Janet - Thank you! Merry Christmas y'all!

    Nat- It was a peaceful afternoon. The sunlight made me smile.

    Nan - I thought you'd like the one with the lace. Thanks for giving me the inspiration to try to find some shadows in my home. Guess I was wrong about the lack of southern exposure.

  7. Summer?! Ewwww! Perish the thought! We have lots of dog hair, too, and some dry hand, but I'll take Winter any season of the year.

  8. Those are terrific pictures. They set such a great winter mood.

  9. Thanks, Carl. I was inspired by my friend's post here.


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