December 20, 2007

Mmmmm, Mmmmm Good

Editorial Note: Let's just assume for the sake of argument that this is a salad plate. A very small salad plate. Or better yet, a dessert plate. No one in their right mind would eat such a large serving of mashed potatoes and gravy, what with Christmas right around the corner.

'Tis the season for easy, homemade comfort food. And, have I got just the dish for you. It was beyond fabulous! It was GREAT! I'm ready to make it again next week, it was so good. Go here for the recipe (and be sure to leave me a comment if you give it a try!).


  1. Anonymous4:56 PM


    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Oh that looks so delicious! Will have to go the recipe now!

    Merry Christmas!!

  3. Hold the meat, hold the gravy, hold the green beans, and I could eat a whole plateful of mashed potatoes, especially Tara's with shallots!!

  4. Lynne - Yum is right! Merry Christmas to you, too.

    Heather - Hope you enjoy the roast. It's so easy and yummy.

    BTW, I love your new photo!

    Nan - I love mashed potatoes, too, but I have to have gravy. Maybe some peas, too. :)

  5. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Lesley, I loved the Christmas quotes and poems you lovely.

    The roast beef looks so succulent I would like mine on a platter. *smile*

    I prepared a prime rib roast and king crab legs for our Christms Eve dinner.

    Happy Holidays;

  6. Gayla - Wow! Prime rib and crab legs?! What time's Christmas Eve dinner next year? ;)


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